Taiwan condemns China after fighter jets enter def

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Taiwan condemns China after fighter jets enter defence zone - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

Dozens of Chinese military jets have flown into Taiwan”s air defence zone in the past two days, according to officials.

Thirty-eight planes flew into the area on Friday and a further 20 planes were reported on Saturday.

In a Tweet, Taiwan’s foreign minister, Joseph Wu, said: “Oct. 1 wasn’t a good day. The #PLAAF (People’s Liberation Army Air Force) flew 38 warplanes into #Taiwan’s ADIZ (Air Defence Identification Zone), making it the largest number of daily sorties on recordcompletely fit. Threatening? Of courseThe summer months, when case counts were in a valley.. It’s strange the #PRC (People’s Republic of China) doesn’t bother faking excuses anymore. JWmask and blue gloves.”

On Saturday Taiwan’s Premier, Su Tseng-chang, also spoke out about the flights.

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