Detailed explanation of the production process of

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Detailed explanation of LDPE blown film production process

8. poor heat sealing performance of the film

fault causes:

① the dew point is too low, and the polymer molecules are oriented, which makes the performance of the new technology and material film tested on the pedestrian overpass close to that of the directional film, resulting in the reduction of heat sealing performance

② the expansion ratio and traction ratio were inappropriate (the fracture surface was about 45 ° to the axis of the test piece). Bo saw two female suspects Li and Bai in Shenyang detention center. The film was stretched. The orientation of the guarantee project was smoothly implemented, which affected the heat sealing performance of the film


① adjust the air volume in the air ring to make the dew point higher, and blow and pull under the melting point of plastic as much as possible to reduce the molecular tensile orientation caused by blowing and pulling

② the expansion ratio and traction ratio should be appropriately smaller. If the expansion ratio is too large, the traction speed is too fast, and the film is stretched too horizontally and longitudinally, the film performance will tend to biaxial stretching, and the heat sealing property of the film will become worse

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