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Detailed explanation of the automatic control system of the automatic cloth laying machine (Part 2)

disadvantages: the endless speed change of the machine can only achieve approximate synchronization, which is impossible to be accurate The mechanical non-stop speed change is easily affected by the speed change. At the same time, it is also a kind of wear device. The longer it is used, the less reliable its accuracy is

function: cloth laying machine cutting function control – (Jiafeng creative/digital 2000) computer control: all functions are controlled by computer

features: various functions, such as cutting or not, cutting length, cutting speed, automatic lifting height, automatic sharpening, etc., can be easily changed through data display

advantages: with the overall cooperation of computer precision software, multiple laying modes can be combined, so that more choices can be made for laying (other brands) non computer control: use electromechanical logic control

features: functions cannot be selected

disadvantages: functions cannot be selected

in addition, the damage rate was higher when the control method was reviewed Various control modes used by the current cloth laying machine: (Jiafeng creative/digital 2000) (Advanced) full computer control mode: using the computer central processing unit (CPU) Hundreds of control program software developed by cloth laying machine manufacturers are permanently stored in the central processing unit


(1) the control software is permanently stored and cannot be rewritten. It is absolutely free from power supply noise and external magnetoelectric interference. There is no need to worry about the failure caused by the interference of the control software. The stability and safety of the use reach 100%

(2) the control software is self-developed by the manufacturer under the experimental conditions that the fatigue life of automobile leaf springs produced by the spreader is not less than 80000 times. The manufacturer can continuously update and improve the control software according to the needs of the spreader, so as to keep the highest level of the paving effect forever (other brands) (relatively backward) semi computer control mode: use the programmable controller (PLC) sold on the market The manufacturer of the spreader shall apply these functions to the control of the spreader according to the function range provided by the programmable controller


(1) control programming is written in stored electronic parts that can be rewritten many times. These electronic parts are more vulnerable to power supply noise and external magnetoelectric interference, which damage the control programming and make it impossible to operate. Stability and safety pose problems

(2) the function specification provided by the programmable controller is within a certain range. It is impossible to accommodate the actual needs of the spreader. Instead, it is only possible to accommodate the functions of the programmable controller with the design of the spreader, which often makes the effect less than ideal (other brands) (very backward) control mode after correct error analysis of the experimental machine by traditional electromechanical logic: use complex and high damage rate logic circuit This old and insignificant control mode needs to work with a large number of mechanical transmission and mechanical speed change parts Disadvantages: the design review and production cost are high. "Coupled with the limit of technology, it is impossible to achieve accuracy in handling, the cloth laying effect is not ideal, and it is easy to be damaged due to many problems

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