Detailed explanation of the operating procedures o

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Detailed explanation of the operating procedures of the disperser

I. disperser - preparation before start-up

1. Check whether the oil level of the disperser is filled to the specified position. If it is low, it should be added to the specified oil level, and if it is high, it should be put to the specified position

2. Check whether the V-belt is properly tightened

3. Turning the impeller manually in the fourth quarter of 2016 should rotate flexibly without friction sound

4. Check whether the fasteners are loose and whether the sealing parts have leakage

5. Turn on the main motor of the disperser and check whether the mixing rotation direction is the same as that specified by the equipment at the same time

6. Start up after confirming that the above inspection work is correct

II. Disperser - start up

1. Place the impeller in the center of the disperser container, press the drop button, and drop to the lowest position or the required position

2. Two handles must be locked before driving

3. Turn on the main motor and press the button according to the speed required for operation

4. Pay attention to the current frequently during operation. In case of overload operation, stop the machine to check the cause and take measures before continuing to operate the disperser

III. dispersing machine - stop

1. Stop the main motor first to stop all the impellers

2. Turn on the rising button of the disperser to raise the energy wheel of the main shaft blade type to the container and clean the impeller

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