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Characteristics, application and development of personalized printing in China (1)

at present, digital printing not only plays an important role in the field of short version color printing, but also realizes personalized printing. The so-called personalized printing here is relative to the traditional printing. The traditional printing method can only print a certain number of prints with the same content at a time, that is, whether you print 1000 or 100000 copies, from the first to the last print, the pictures and texts on it are exactly the same; Personalized printing refers to that in the printing process, the printed image or text can be constantly changed according to the preset content and format, so that the first to last printed matter has different images or text, and each printed matter can be designed and printed for its specific distribution object. At present, personalized printing is the fastest growing field of on-demand printing abroad. On the one hand, manufacturers have begun to consciously develop target markets for their target customers; On the other hand, because the end users of printed matter increasingly emphasize their own personality, the requirements for the quality of printed matter are increasing, which promotes the promotion and application of personalized printing

understanding of the concept of personalized printing

personalized printing is generally called on-demand printing in foreign countries, that is, P printing on demand, abbreviated as pod. As for the definition of pod, a popular one is "printing business where customers have special requirements for product quantity, production cycle and other aspects." In addition, personalized printing is easy to associate with variable printing or short edition printing. In fact, these two concepts are not very accurate. The so-called variable printing has a common feature of printing, but traditional printing changes between batches, while personalized printing changes within batches. As for "participating in the utilization of other ingredients, short edition printing", what highlights is the size of batch, which does not reflect the connotation of personalization

application scope of personalized printing

Application in e-commerce

there are many commercial activities in foreign countries with developed T industry, and people's living standards and consumption levels have improved. Therefore, the application scope of personalized printing is also extremely wide, with a wide variety of prints, such as the company's annual report, CI design manual, product promotion leaflets, menus, tables, traffic licenses, anti-theft license plates, greeting cards, breast tags, invitation bundles Direct mail advertisements, etc. Even the packages of some commodities have been labeled with personalized labels. Some of the above prints are printed only one copy, and many are dozens or hundreds of copies. Therefore, some people call this kind of printing with a small number of copies ultra short edition printing. For example, only dozens of product sales leaflets, dozens of Design Institute tenders, and several clothing design samples can be achieved through personalized printing. In the past, it was difficult to print only a few or dozens of prints at a reasonable price in a short time with traditional printing methods. With the focus of personalized printing on the domestic market, more and more enterprises will realize their dreams and print exquisite annual reports, tenders, sample books, manuals and samples, so that enterprises can establish a good image and win in the competition

serving people's lives

with the entry of digital printing equipment into China's market, personalized printing has also quietly risen in China in recent years. In 2003, a joint venture company in Shenyang printed 10000 personalized calendars for customers, which showed the strength of the company and played a good role in establishing the corporate image; According to the newspaper, a young couple in Xi'an printed 200 personalized invitations to their relatives and friends when they got married, which was quite contemporary. In the past, you can only buy ready-made New Year cards in stores. Now you can print your "personality" and give them to friends. This feeling is "great". For example, personalized cards, some units often need to print some representative cards and badges when holding activities, and some clubs often need to print membership cards, some of which are dozens or only one. Personalized printing can complete the printing of such products anytime, anywhere and on demand

four application forms

print can play a role in application only when it has an impact on readers. According to the role and position of final print in the interaction with users, we can see that personalized printing mainly has the following application forms:

1. Supplier driven push marketing

for example, traditional direct mail has begun to adopt personalized digital printing technology. In commercial applications, such applications are in the early stage of the user purchase process, and their purpose is to attract the interest of potential customers. The value of personalized printing is that it can provide more personal related content, which can attract readers' more attention than the traditional "everyone is the same" email method. In the past, the response rate of such emails was only about 2%, while the response rate increased by 10 times or even 20 times after personalized printing was used to provide more attractive content to recipients. This kind of personalized printing project is mainly to find sales leads, promote direct sales, establish stronger customer relations, promote and improve brand trust, and finally retain customers. At present, this marketing method has been adopted by automobile manufacturers, dealers, insurance and financial institutions, medical and pharmaceutical, and even crop seed manufacturers and retailers

2. Customer driven pull-out marketing

this type of personalized printing plan or project allows customers to request specific information about products they are interested in, thus providing support for the customer's purchase process. It also provides an 8-channel analog multiplexer and joint addressing logic support. Readers have read that generally, this kind of equipment can fold itself without any external stimulation. One major advantage is that they can use more materials and finer structures to remove sexual materials and express interest. Manufacturers further provide personalized documents according to the requirements of customers, prompting readers to take a further step towards making purchase decisions. Through the customer driven personalized printing process, manufacturers can also better understand and provide what customers want to know. Such personalized printing projects can provide customers with information about specific products or services in a timely manner at a reasonable cost, and can develop new market opportunities. It is very attractive for consumer product manufacturers, tourism agencies and digital printing suppliers

3. Bill and transaction sheet printing

this is a data-oriented application. Transaction documents include credit cards, bank investment statements, etc. Usually, some or all of the data in the personalized form is filled in during the printing process. Personalized printing can reduce the process cost or manufacturing cost, and ensure the consistency of printed matter and the accuracy of data, so as to improve the communication efficiency of printed matter. Enterprises interested in this include insurance companies, banks and other similar institutions

4. Data driven print to order (including partial print on demand)

printed documents or printed matter are sent directly to the orderer. Its value lies in meeting more emotional factors and more special personalized needs, printing personal photo albums or personal essays, etc. It should be noted that the above application classification is mainly to facilitate people's understanding of personalized applications. With the integration of technology and application, the boundaries of the above classification will become increasingly blurred

choice of equipment

in the field of personalized color printing, there are many kinds of equipment that can carry out personalized printing. You can choose either turbostream, ultrastream, e-print1o00+ of indigo Gongyi J, chrome of Agfa, dcp32d/50D of Xeikon, docucolor2000 of Xerox, nexpress2100 color digital printer of Heidelberg, or HP laser jet8550 color laser printer, Epson color inkjet printer and other color output devices. Of course, different types of equipment require different investments, and the quality of prints obtained is also different. Therefore, whether it is expensive high-end color digital printers, or cheap color laser printers, color inkjet printers, have been applied in their respective target markets

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