Have those energy harsh words put down by trump, t

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Have those energy "cruel words" put down by trump started to be implemented?

trump has been elected president for some time, and everyone is wondering whether the "cruel words" put down by him during the election to ensure the accuracy of equipment measurement data will really become the outline of his future administration. I combed his words on energy specially, and it's really so what

what are the trains trump talked about during his election campaign related to energy

support: coal

Trump's victory means that fossil fuel energy companies have also won a large degree of victory. Especially for coal companies, he "supports the mainstream energy status of coal, and miners should return to work."

support: whether the overflow valve piston is dead or installed reversely for oil and gas production

trump said he would abolish the ban on the production of oil and natural gas on federal public land. Vigorously support natural gas as part of the energy strategy. Trump said he would approve the construction of the keystone oil pipeline. As for OPEC, trump once said that the United States "will no longer need, and will never need, to import any energy from OPEC."

support: nuclear power

supports the deregulation of nuclear power research, including nuclear reactor research

objection: the Paris Agreement

trump once said that he would let the United States withdraw from the Paris agreement within 100 days of his election. Trump once said that the Paris Agreement imposes restrictions on the use of energy in the United States and has a negative impact on the commercial development of the United States.

objection: renewable energy

trump severely criticized the impact of the wind power industry on wildlife and accused wind farms of killing eagles and other birds. Abolish the Obama administration's "clean electricity plan"

objection: environmental protection

trump promised to "cancel almost any form of [Environmental Protection Agency] and remove most of its functions at the same time, which is certain!" He also said that the new regulations of the environmental protection agency would be withdrawn. According to the new regulations, the environmental protection agency has the right to decide which water areas cannot be developed according to the clean water law in short

the administration strategies of every American president are not completely consistent during the election and after the election. Therefore, the above remarks are not completely able to "dream into reality"

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