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Has the field of AI technology, which took the lead in landing, ushered in spring

has the field of AI technology, which took the lead in landing, ushered in spring

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original title: has the field of artificial intelligence technology, which took the lead, ushered in spring

its mission of mechanism reconstruction and ecological reconstruction will also help China's industrial economy take off twice. "It's crazy, it's crazy, my work has been replaced by it..." It is not difficult for us to imagine that if work is replaced, it is generally replaced by similar people, but there is a situation that more and more jobs are replaced by it now. This phenomenon may be more common in the future, and this "it" is artificial intelligence

the scope of its power is so wide that the whole industry, even traditional industries, began to "fear" it. Artificial intelligence technology aims to give computers the ability to make similar human thinking and judgments based on data and analysis. The research in this field includes robots, speech recognition, image recognition, natural language processing, expert systems and so on. In the face of various technological advantages of artificial intelligence, various industries also carry out transformation and upgrading according to their own conditions

since 2015, China's AI industry has been receiving continuous attention from the capital market. With these concerns and the development of AI technology, startups, Internet giants and traditional companies have also entered the market, trying to win their own share in this booming industry. At the same time of entering the Bureau, artificial intelligence technology began to land in many industries and scenes, among which robots, image recognition, speech recognition, etc. have made certain development, taking the lead in realizing the technology landing

it can be said that so far, the landing of artificial intelligence has begun to produce its own added market value. As far as intelligent robot technology is concerned, as early as 2016, based on the artificial intelligence technology at that time, Oxford University Professors Carl Benedict Frey and Michael A. Osborne predicted that in the next 20 years, 47% of jobs in the United States, 69% in India and 77% in China are likely to be replaced by automation brought about by machine learning. It can be said that it will replace human jobs, but at the same time, it also expedites and upgrades some jobs and improves work efficiency. The relationship between humans and robots is not a substitute relationship, but a new division of labor will be formed, which is reflected in the fact that intelligent robots can solve more practical problems for humans. Moreover, people will be liberated from many traditional production activities and have more time to engage in innovative and creative work

this is the added value brought by intelligent robots since the Ministry of Construction issued the No. 76 ministerial order

in addition, speech recognition and image recognition have their own rich commercial application scenarios

according to the evaluation report of companies and markets, the global speech recognition market will become more diversified in the future. At the same time, the software reflects the industrial development level of a country to a certain extent, and the accuracy of components will be greatly improved. It is estimated that this market will reach 133billion US dollars by 2017

the attention in this field is also very high. In addition to Siri launched by apple, Google now released by Google, and Cortana (Xiaona) launched by Microsoft, Amazon is also vigorously promoting echo smart speakers. Then, Facebook also announced the launch of the messenger platform, a chat robot, hoping to establish a dialogue system to realize various services such as ordering, ordering, and obtaining information, It can be said that relying on artificial intelligence technology, the layout of intelligent voice and chat intelligent hardware has become the focus of Internet and technology giants

in the Internet era, in the past, we only entered content manually. Will there be such a phenomenon in the future: speech recognition has become an entry point for browsing, machinery and online in industry and agriculture

in fact, we are no stranger to image recognition technology. Face recognition, iris recognition, fingerprint recognition, etc. all belong to this category, but image recognition is far more than that. It covers three categories: biometric recognition, object and scene recognition, and video recognition, such as intelligent camera, intelligent shooting, etc., all belong to image recognition technology

with the first landing of artificial intelligence technology in these fields, in 2018, even the future of artificial intelligence has a good foundation, moving towards a longer-term future, then it will be "not crazy"

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