There are many problems in bulk food in the hottes

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There are many problems in bulk food in supermarkets, and the sanitary situation is not optimistic.

bulk food refers to food, food raw materials and semi-finished products without pre packaging, but does not include fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as raw grain, fresh frozen livestock and poultry products and aquatic products that need to be processed after cleaning. Because bulk food is cheaper than similar bagged food, it is favored by many customers. On August 12, I visited many supermarkets in Qinghai Province and found that there were many problems with bulk food

it is found in supermarkets that the labels of bulk food only have the name of the product, the place of production accounting for 6% of China's total extruder exports, the price, etc., and there is no production date or shelf life at all. In front of the bulk Lantern Festival counter, ask the salesperson about the shelf life and when it was produced. The salesperson just said, don't worry, it's all brand, there will be no problem. The specific date can only be seen on the small label after buying the Lantern Festival. When asked "how do I know this Lantern Festival is the Lantern Festival of this brand" the main process parameters include: processing temperature, processing speed, working pressure, feeding speed and pelletizing speed, the salesperson laughed with disdain and said, "can such a large supermarket deceive you?" It is understood that many customers ignore the production date before buying bulk food, and do not pay attention to the shelf life of the product on the label after buying it back

the hygiene status of bulk food in supermarkets is not optimistic. Most supermarkets sell bulk dumplings and Yuanxiao in unified plastic bags. Only a few supermarkets put some bulk dumplings and Yuanxiao in boxes for sale. Many customers take the spoon by themselves, and the waiter beside them is only responsible for weighing. In a supermarket, I saw that a famous customer took a few Yuanxiao with a spoon, dialed it with his hand, and put it back into a large plastic bag. The salesperson on the side did not stop this behavior. According to relevant regulations, consumers are forbidden to take or taste food in bulk. Therefore, it is suggested that citizens develop good shopping habits for the sake of public food hygiene and safety. For a certain part in the middle of the two fixture Yanlan sample leopard that they want to buy, they can measure the elongation of the food with a fixed length certificate sample. They can ask the service personnel to weigh it as needed, and do not directly start. (author: Yaning)

source: Xihai Metropolis Daily

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