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Have you ever seen a police station with drones in a community that will automatically alarm? In the future, these "black technologies" for public security will be promoted throughout the province. Have you ever seen police stations with drones in communities that will automatically alarm? These "black technologies" for public security will be promoted throughout the province in the future. Source://

17:05 original title: have you ever seen a police station with drones in a community that will automatically alarm? In the future, how soon will it take for these "black technologies" of public security to be popularized throughout the province from the occurrence of police cases to the disposal of police cases

the answer of the joint service police station is "1 minute"

go out

who will protect the safety at home

there is a smart housekeeper in "Zhi'an community"

24 hours to "guard"


on February 21, the national public security management symposium was held in Jiaxing, and the participants were deeply impressed by the smart police construction in Zhejiang

learned that the innovative model of public security management in Zhejiang, represented by "Zhi'an community" and Jiashan lianqin police station, will continue to improve the international influence of China's plastic machinery industry and promote it in the province. On the 21st, the instigation light on this key was on the ground in Jiashan to visit these two points to see how "smart" they are

from "Zhi'an community" to "Zhi'an block"

as soon as I walked into the "Zhi'an home" exhibition center of Jiashan Fengze Sizhou Zhi'an community, I was stunned by all kinds of intelligent devices that looked "tall": intelligent combustible gas alarm, intelligent door magnetic alarm, intelligent water immersion detector... All kinds of intelligent prevention and control devices cover all aspects of residents' lives

suddenly, a "alarm" came from the police. "When the combustible gas reaches a certain concentration, the alarm will alarm. At the same time, the valve of the gas stove will automatically close and the doors and windows will automatically open." The police pointed to the intelligent combustible gas alarm placed under the gas stove and said that at the same time, the "Zhi'an community" app would also sound an alarm

this function has "saved" a family. In 2018, Lao Zhang, a resident of Miaojia new village in Dayun Town, suddenly issued an alarm, which turned out to be the gas leakage alarm at home. 1. The alarm information of anchor fatigue testing machine. He hurriedly called his wife, but no one answered. Lao Zhang called the police while rushing home. When he got home, he learned that his wife fainted due to gas poisoning while taking a bath. Fortunately, the police arrived in time. After hospital treatment, Lao Zhang's wife soon recovered

"smart home" project also includes functional blocks such as community remote monitoring, visitor cloud, property management, health care, good police for the people, and so on. Through intelligent means, it creates an "intelligent security housekeeper" for residents who never leave work

according to statistics,

Jiashan County began to build "Zhi'an community" in 2014, and by the end of 2018, 210 "Zhi'an communities" have been built in all 9 towns (streets), realizing full coverage of urban and rural residential communities in the county. The criminal police situation of the completed "Zhi'an community" decreased by 55.7% compared with that when it was not completed, and 82 communities achieved "zero cases"

on the basis of "Zhi'an community", Jiaxing will also have "new actions" - Take Jiashan as a pilot, and gradually build a "Zhi'an Street" construction with security as the main feature and big security and big data application as the support through the big shift to the domestic market, which has different data, IOT, artificial intelligence and other technologies in all aspects

police stations with drones

in the county smart security system established in Jiashan, nine small joint service police stations have played an important role - each station is located at the "throat" of urban public security, becoming a "garrison point" for Street police, a "bridgehead" for emergency response, and a "convenience store" for 24-hour service to the masses

there is a drone on the roof of the special police PTU

as soon as we arrived at the wanliancheng joint service police station, we were attracted by the "buzzing" sound overhead - the drone flew closer and closer, slowly hovering on the roof of a special police PTU. The role of this drone cannot be underestimated: on December 21, 2017, Jiashan Huadu square suddenly injured people with a knife, and the suspect fled after the incident. The intelligence command joint service center of Jiashan County Public Security Bureau quickly instructed the police forces in the two police districts of shijialu and Gome to assemble. The on-board UAV of the joint service police station quickly lifted off, and soon "caught" the picture of the suspect. The UAV followed all the way, and the commander studied and judged the police situation according to the aerial pictures. Only 15 minutes from the crime, the suspect fell

this joint service police station is only 40 square meters, but it integrates the integrated visual command chain of the intelligence and joint service center, the integrated command room, the joint service police station and the street combat unit. At the same time, it is equipped with the most advanced ar police actual combat video map, supplemented by 4G individual law enforcement recorder and PTU carrying UAV. The situation in its jurisdiction is clear at a glance

this police station is also a "24-hour convenience store". It has a variety of functional areas such as manual information desk, online business self-service handling area, dispute mediation room, video prevention and control desk, and people come to handle business from time to time

it is reported that in 2018, there were only two cases of "two robberies" on the streets of Jiashan City. The number of preventable sexual assault cases around lianqin police station decreased by 32.3% year-on-year, and 189 contradictions and disputes were successfully resolved, with a mediation success rate of 98.5%

source: Zhejiang Legal Daily

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