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Has the packaging design of health food changed with the market

how to better realize communication in health food packaging depends on the following points:

pour out human emotional care

interactive personalized marketing has gradually become the mainstream mode of marketing, and personalized consumption puts forward higher requirements for health food packaging design. Today, when products are highly homogeneous, the packaging of products also has the phenomenon of "isomorphism". The health food packaging that consumers pay attention to is not a picture or fancy, but to see whether the packaging reflects the respect for human feelings, whether it has affinity, and whether it reflects the taste and lifestyle of the target group in the design. Those pleasing to the eye and high-grade packaging are naturally favored. From this point of view, health food packaging actually undertakes the psychological treatment. It should reduce the psychological pressure of consumers and achieve the effect beyond efficacy. This requires designers to go deep into life and pay attention to the grasp of human nature when designing packaging

fully display the characteristics of packaging media

health food packaging information has the advantages of pertinence, durability, expressiveness and high reliability. Roughness affects accuracy; The latter uses servo system, which should be fully utilized. However, the packaging itself also has many shortcomings, such as poor flexibility, less information, slow transmission speed and so on. Therefore, in the process of health food packaging design, we should consider comprehensively and choose the right choice of pull-out strength. In order to make the last step of communication with specific groups on packaging, we must consider these characteristics that are different from other media, so as to explore the communication role of packaging as a media to a greater extent

eliminate ambiguous areas

in fact, the concept of competition among enterprises has changed to the competition of the overall image of the enterprise. The introduction of CI inevitably requires that the enterprise image can be expressed by packaging design with an accuracy of 0.001g. As a unique identification symbol, packaging can do this

with the gradual marketization of health food, many forms of health food seem too old, and have become an obstacle to communication with consumers. Some new styles should be used for reference. For example, printing the brand logo of the enterprise on a transparent plastic bag is the complete outer packaging of a French perfume. This kind of packaging conveys the connotation of "genuine goods" to consumers, and this brand connotation also drives the sales of products of similar brands. Health food packaging does not need to copy these practices, but it is necessary to introduce this concept

in fact, the expression of corporate image through packaging design is not only conducive to the spread of corporate image, but also reduces the expenditure of enterprises in advertising. More importantly, it strengthens consumers' recognition of society and its brand, thus realizing in-depth communication

have global recognition ability

with the acceleration of international trade integration process, health food packaging design is required to reach the international level as far as possible and have the ability of global recognition. However, packaging design cannot be globalized for the sake of globalization. Any packaging design has its inseparable national traditional cultural background. "Only the national is the world", the packaging will be different only with local color, and it will be full of visual impact on counters and shelves. There are different views on how to reflect the national style in packaging theory and practice, but as long as we understand that its fundamental purpose is to better communicate with more consumers, we will not lose direction in the process of packaging design

simple troubleshooting: whether the health food packaging accurately and vividly transmits the product information, whether it conforms to the psychology of consumers, whether it is coordinated with the corporate image, and whether it has the ability of global recognition? This is a problem worth pondering by the managers of every enterprise. The market is changing and the concept is changing, but no matter how it changes, the ultimate goal remains the same - to make the products sell well and the packaging design play a promotional role

source: China Food News

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