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Abstract: the problems that multi energy complementarity hopes to solve are improving the conversion efficiency of fossil energy and reducing the waste of wind and light. Advocate nearby consumption and intellectualization. For technological innovation, equipment innovation and some mode innovation, it is also some important characteristics of application

on February 6, the National Energy Administration announced the first batch of multi energy complementary integration and optimization demonstration projects, and announced 23 multi energy complementary integration and optimization demonstration projects, including "Olympic scenery city" in Guyuan, Zhangjiakou. This new energy project, led by the planning department of the national energy administration, has not only reduced costs and increased efficiency, but also brought business opportunities to many new energy enterprises, such as wind power, optoelectronics, biomass power generation and energy storage

as the technical support unit of these projects, xudongjie, deputy director of the strategic planning department of the general electric power planning and Design Institute, has an in-depth understanding of them. At the recent international energy storage summit, Xu Dongjie interpreted the background and purpose of this policy and pointed out the broad market brought by the project, which is worthy of attention and reflection

multi energy complementarity is integrated energy supply

Xu Dongjie pointed out that multi energy complementarity is not a new concept. The combined cooling, heating and power supply proposed many years ago is actually a typical multi energy complementarity. Nowadays, the multi energy complementarity refers to the complementarity of multiple energy sources according to different resource varieties and energy needs, so as to make a comprehensive integrated energy supply to meet the different needs of users

multiple factors contribute to multi energy complementarity

Xu Dongjie believes that there are three reasons for putting forward this concept. First, in the past, each energy supply industry has its own way, which is not only difficult to meet different personalized needs, but also not conducive to cost reduction and efficiency increase. Second, there are too many conversion and transmission links, resulting in low energy efficiency. Third, the abandonment of wind, light and water, and now there is the problem of nuclear abandonment, which is becoming more and more serious. Fourth, the application of new technologies lacks impetus

the background of the introduction of multi energy complementarity by the national energy administration is complex. One is the economic background. After the country's economy enters the new normal, the demand for electricity and energy decreases. The country hopes to promote the industrial revolution through the technological revolution to achieve the purpose of economic revitalization. The state put forward this concept according to the strategy of stabilizing growth and attracting investment. The other is the social background. People pay attention to pollution emissions and haze, including clean energy development and the application of smart energy. In addition, there is a technical background. We want to solve the following problems: low efficiency of energy utilization; It is difficult to absorb renewable energy; Promote the consumption of natural gas. The fourth is the policy background. The main reason is that the subsidy for renewable energy is insufficient. The gap of the country is very large. Some enterprises may not get the subsidy until years later. And from last year to this year, 5. Test performance: gradually carry out power system reform, oil and gas system reform and price reform

pay attention to customization on demand

at present, there are several important aspects of multi complementarity that need attention. The most important thing is to customize on demand. At present, the quantity of power generation side is large, but if the rationality of the whole project, especially the economy, is considered, the matching of energy consumption and supply is the most important point. The second is to adjust measures to local conditions, focusing on combining their own actual conditions. Many enterprises pile up various energy varieties when reporting projects, which is multi energy complementary in name, but does not meet the requirements of multi energy complementary in core concept. The third is economic rationality. On the one hand, we should make good use of existing policies and explore some new models. The last one is intelligent and friendly, which not only meets the personalized needs of users, but also needs to be friendly and integrated with the existing electricity, gas and gas as a part of the overall energy system

the park has a broad market

Xu Dongjie pointed out that the multi energy complementary demonstration project is divided into two categories, one is terminal type, and the other is the use of large-scale integrated energy base hydraulic testing machine. It is an online three station full-automatic unit, including steel pipe washing, pressure test, drift diameter, etc., which can complete the tubing, casing pressure test, drift diameter detection with or without coupling, tail ribbed or non ribbed The unqualified steel pipes are automatically inspected The maximum test pressure of oil-cooled electric drum is 100MPa, the pressure test pipe diameter range is 60.3 ~ 177.8 (238 ″ ~ 7 ″), the coupling is 73 ~ 194.5, and the length range of pressure test pipe is 6 ~ 12.7m Wind, light, water, fire, natural gas, including energy storage, through the integration of these energy varieties to build such a complementary system, these two types of systems are reflected in this declaration. According to the document officially released, it is required to build a number of national demonstration projects of multi energy complementarity during the 13th Five Year Plan period. Among them, there are more than 20 terminal energy consumption types and more than 3 base types. At the same time, one of its key application scenarios is in the park. This document specifically mentioned that by 2020, 50% of the new parks should adopt the method of multi energy complementarity, and both the existing parks should also be transformed on a large scale. The market is very broad, and enterprises can focus on it

focus on solving the consumption problem

the document officially issued by the energy administration proposes to focus on solving the stock. After all, there are relatively large problems in the current consumption of new energy. In any case, 10. The experimental digital display construction of energy supply system is to increase redundancy. From this point of view, we should give priority to solving the stock. For the multi energy complementary demonstration project, we will also provide some relatively good policy environment, and give some support in terms of institutional mechanisms and business models. In addition, we also need to make some innovations by ourselves. Xu Dongjie revealed that recently, the leadership of the planning department of the national energy administration is leading a team to inspect some specific projects

the problems that we hope to solve are to improve the conversion efficiency of fossil energy and to reduce the waste of wind and light. Advocate nearby consumption and intellectualization. For technological innovation, equipment innovation and some mode innovation, it is also some important characteristics of application. Among the first 23 projects, the base type is mainly distributed in the northwest, and the terminal energy consumption type is mainly in some more developed provinces in the East and central China. Multi energy complementation covers all kinds of energy varieties, including scenery, biomass, solar heat, thermal power, hydropower, heat pump, energy storage, weaving and dyeing lithium bromide units, heat, gas, and control centers. The coverage is very wide, and the purpose is to establish a comprehensive energy supply system

the electricity market will be impacted

of course, with the development of multi energy complementarity, users' dependence on the main will be reduced to a large extent. Then, will this cause an impact on the development and utilization of various lightweight materials for the main and power companies

Xu Dongjie said in an interview with energy that technically, the combined electricity will meet the technical standards and will not have a great impact on the main. In terms of interests, as the policy planning direction is in the new area and the park, these are actually high-quality customers of power companies, and there will be impact. However, multi energy complementarity is more about increment. The original part of the power company is still there, while multi energy complementarity is the development of new technologies and new models, which centralizes power generation and consumption, avoiding investment waste

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