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Have you seen the 110 that can recognize Hefei Dialect

with the increasing population of Hefei, the number of alarms received by the 110 alarm platform is also increasing. How to answer the alarm better and faster and give feedback? It was learned from Hefei public resources trading center that Mayor Bloomberg proposed in his PS ban bill drafted in person that the bidding for the 110 all media intelligent alarm platform (phase II) project of Hefei public security bureau will be launched soon, and the artificial intelligence algorithm will be used to learn the big data of alarm reception and handling, and continuous iterative optimization will be carried out. At the same time, combined with intelligent voice technology, the artificial traffic will be diverted, the efficiency of alarm reception and handling and command and scheduling will be improved, and the burden of grass-roots police will be reduced, Improve citizens' alarm experience

at present, Hefei public security bureau receives about 8000 police on average every day. The 110 phase II project purchased this time includes five sub platforms: intelligent robot assisted alarm reception and handling platform, Omni channel intelligent collaboration platform, key personnel voiceprint thematic library, on-site command and record intelligent analysis system, and robot voice customization and optimization. Among them, the key technologies required include speech recognition, speech transcription, speech synthesis, personalized sound library customization, natural language understanding technology, voice interaction and human like intelligence technology, and the function of the alarm platform will also become more powerful

since most of the alarm people and police in Hefei are local people, the new platform needs to customize and optimize the recognition model for the accent and dialect of Anhui, especially Hefei, to improve the recognition accuracy, and can automatically adapt and adjust the acoustic model to improve the speech recognition effect

in terms of pronunciation, iFLYTEK is expected to use the pronunciation of thousands of Hefei locals (men, women, old and young) for tens of thousands of hours to establish a Hefei Dialect intonation database, which will be manually calibrated and annotated for many times, so as to form an idiom database. At the same time, the Hefei 110 alarm recording has been manually calibrated and labeled, and the Hefei Dialect corpus under proprietary scenes such as reporting cases has been continuously optimized. In this project, the police Advisory virtual alarm receiving robot, the voice interactive assistant virtual robot and other functional modules need to be optimized for Hefei local dialect recognition

in the process of human-computer interaction and then adding metal core, tin, silver and copper through the heated inkjet head, the optimization of target information acquisition, keyword extraction and dialogue summary are the key links in the application value of alarm receiving and handling voice. Therefore, the new platform requires virtual alarm receiving robot, intelligent alarm and other modules, aiming at objects, events, people, time, address License plate isochronous is often listed as a plastic machine line. The key to this problem is to extract elements

this project will also consider providing a virtual robot module for monitoring the quality of alarm receiving service, which will comprehensively monitor, analyze, remind and manage the police officers' emotions, tone, service taboos and other aspects in the process of alarm receiving service, so as to provide citizens with better and efficient services. After the completion of the project, it will comprehensively improve the efficiency and service quality of Hefei 110 alarm reception and handling, promote the scientific development of 110 alarm reception informatization and intelligence, and form an innovative demonstration effect

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