Have you got the soul of hybrid cloud in the hotte

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Another trillion level market, have you got the "soul" of hybrid cloud

is it true that the road to the cloud is bumpy, with no clue and no plan

is it true that the road of integration is bumpy, and there is no gain, so it is difficult to coordinate

is the road of operation and maintenance bumpy, disorganized, inefficient and complex

it's time to build a hybrid cloud platform

hybrid cloud is considered by the industry to be a $1.25 trillion and 1 trillion market. It is IBM's fourth largest platform business after mainframe, it services and middleware. It is a must for every cloud service provider to increase the moment of inertia of the framework under the same weight. What is its charm? Let's taste it carefully

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looking back on the digitalization process in the past few years, it has experienced the first stage of digitalization transformation. Many enterprises, cloud computing and big data show you the types of spring tension testing machines, IOT, artificial intelligence and other digital technologies have gone through the process from acquaintance to acquaintance; Now, as we enter another critical moment in the process of digital reinvention, we need to go from accompanying to helping each other. More mission critical workloads in the enterprise will be migrated to the cloud. In order to meet the unique compliance, security and location requirements of each workload, traditional it, private cloud and public cloud will exist at the same time, forming a more complex hybrid infrastructure

in this way, how to make unified planning, agile integration and efficient operation and maintenance will become a new headache for enterprises. In other words, to build a hybrid cloud platform, its soul is not just as simple as using multiple clouds, but more importantly, it should be able to manage multiple clouds uniformly

especially in the post epidemic era, in this economic environment full of all kinds of uneven construction and difficult to control certainty and instability factors, enterprises need speed, agility and automation more urgently than ever before, and it will become the basic needs of enterprises to migrate workloads anytime and anywhere while maintaining the sustainability of operations

ibm cloud Paks, which was strongly launched after the integration of IBM and red hat, is the product of this background. It is understood that IBM cloud Paks is based on red hat's openshift, focusing on the dimensions of application, data, multi cloud management, automation, integration, security and so on. It has created a series of cloud ready solutions, and each solution is completely open, allowing users to build at one time and run anywhere. This feature can not only help enterprises easily realize agile development, easy integration and collaborative management in a mixed cloud environment, but also effectively protect the original investment of enterprises

perhaps this is one of the important reasons for IBM's cloud computing business to perform prominently in this year's performance. According to the performance report released by IBM recently, the total cloud revenue of IBM in the second quarter of 2020 reached $6.3 billion, an increase of 30%, while the cloud revenue of IBM in the past 12 months reached $23.5 billion, an increase of 20%. At present, when a certain load can no longer rise, the $34billion acquisition of red hat is not a loss for IBM

now, it coincides with the first anniversary of IBM's acquisition of red hat. While successfully completing the leap from 0 to 1, IBM cloud Paks is also in continuous quantitative change. In the face of the current century's changes, how will it help the enterprise? On August 12, IBM senior experts will explain in detail how hybrid cloud technology gives enterprises the platform advantages of agile development at the "2020 IBM cloud computing online summit", and help enterprises to innovate on a large scale from the perspectives of cost, efficiency, speed, convenience, security, culture, etc., to meet new challenges and opportunities

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