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Have children's toys been pasted with safety signs

"there are many kinds of children's toys on the market, which are very popular with children, but we must also pay attention to their dangers." On October 11, Mr. Jiang, who lives in Yingui community in Quzhou City, told him that during the National Day holiday, he bought a pinball toy for his 6-year-old nephew. The little nephew had a good time. He accidentally touched his face and almost hurt his eyes

"children who are scratched or injured by toys often come to see a doctor." A doctor surnamed Xu in the municipal maternal and child health hospital said

toys are indispensable partners in the process of children's development and related technology. The quality of toys is directly related to children's physical and mental health. It is understood that the new mandatory standard of the national technical code for toy safety has been officially implemented since October 1, and the original standard has been significantly modified. The new standard pays attention to the safety of children's toys and makes relatively comprehensive provisions and instructions on safety signs. For example, there are detailed provisions on the criteria and basis for determining age groups, 31 It is enough that the pull range of free rotation age and 8 years old is 100 newtons, which is the obvious dividing line in the age group; Some toys are not suitable for children under 3 years old due to their performance, size and characteristics, and safety signs of "not suitable for children under 3 years old" should be attached; For some small parts or toys with marbles and balls, there should be a clear warning on the package; Some functional toys, such as the reduced size model of a certain device or equipment, whose use mode is the same as those of these devices and equipment, should be attached with a warning on the toy or toy package - it can only be used under the supervision of adults

relevant people pointed out that the quality and safety problems of toy products are often caused by excessive heavy metal content, appearance design problems, such as acute angle injury to children, size problems that cause children to swallow by mistake, etc. "The toy quality requirements proposed in this new standard will play a better role in preventing potential dangers for children with poor identification and self-care ability."

on October 10 and 11, I visited several children's toy malls and stores in the urban area, and found that the large shopping malls are relatively standardized, while some small stores have no safety signs, and even inferior children's toys are still popular. In Zhongbai commercial building, I saw that various toys were classified. I picked up a "Zhigao rainbow activity tower" with a warning written on it: please use it under the supervision of adults, suitable for age, over 3 years old; An "Ultraman warrior" made in Shanghai has a warning in the lower right corner: small parts are not allowed to enter. Please put away the packaging materials to avoid suffocation caused by children's accidental swallowing. In a shop along the East River, I casually looked through a plush toy made in Qingdao, which was marked with the applicable age under 3 years old, while others were not marked. A salesperson said that the products they sell are very safe, and plush will not be inhaled into the nose when children play. Rhetorical question: without even a logo, how can we ensure safety? The salesman smiled and didn't answer. In Hehua East Road, some toys without specific factory name, place of origin, certificate of conformity and safety warning are placed on the counter and piled on the ground. What is more disappointing is that when asked randomly about the merchants and several parents who are choosing toys, they all shook their heads and said that they were not clear about the mandatory standards of the new national toy safety technical code

"there are not many local enterprises producing children's toys in Quzhou, and most of them are exported. We are more about strengthening the supervision of the sales market. Next, we will carry out the publicity of the new standard, organize forces to inspect and standardize behavior." A staff member surnamed Fang from the Municipal Bureau of Quality Supervision said. At the same time, he reminded parents that the new standard stipulates to set up the age group logo, which is used to provide customers with a guide to choose toys. You can choose the most suitable toys according to the interests of children in different age groups and the safety of the toys themselves. 2. Regularly check the knife screws, so that children can really feel happy in toys

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