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The host enterprises are eager to sign up for the all print exhibition

the second China International all print exhibition will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center on June, 2006. With the goal of comprehensively displaying the new technologies and products of the world's printing industry, through exchanges and dialogues with colleagues in the printing and equipment industry all over the world, it will bring new development opportunities for both the supply and demand sides and China's printing industry

Shanghai is a microcosm of the accelerated development of China's printing industry since the reform and opening up. As the host of this exhibition, all printing enterprises in Shanghai have said that they should seize this opportunity and strive to continue to explore and innovate in the new century under the new situation of the so-called external ad board. Although so far, Shanghai has determined that the exhibitors have occupied most of the domestic exhibitors of the all print exhibition, there are still many host enterprises signing up continuously, including Shanghai Baoyun printing equipment Co., Ltd., Shanghai Baochi printing materials Co., Ltd., Shanghai Jielong printing equipment Co., Ltd., Shanghai ligulide Fine Chemical Co., Ltd., Shanghai Fanqiang Trade Co., Ltd., Accor packaging equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd Shanghai yefengcai Trading Co., Ltd. and other enterprises have signed exhibition contracts, striving to pass the proportion: 1.07g/cm. This exhibition shows the style of Shanghai printing enterprises, and also offers the latest technology and products to everyone

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