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Home Express introduces one pigeon intelligent voice robot and uses "black technology" to innovate customer service

how to introduce intelligent express customer service system to enhance competitiveness

with the increasingly fierce market competition, customer service has become an indispensable part of the enterprise ecological chain, an important bridge connecting enterprises and customers, and has a great impact on the sales results, brand influence and market position of enterprises. Express logistics enterprises are no exception

as we all know, the rapid development of the new retail business model has driven the market share of the express logistics industry. At present, the express logistics industry is facing the current situation of daily express delivery and huge number of express delivery. With the blowout of express shipments, there is also a huge demand for customer service. There are continuous requests for consulting application scenarios such as lost, wrong and expedited items. The traditional way of stacking people in the customer service system can no longer meet the growing business needs of major express logistics enterprises

how to introduce new technologies into the express customer service system, reduce personnel costs, improve service quality, and improve corporate image and competitiveness has become a new topic in the express industry

homestead express introduces AI intelligent voice customer service

with black technology, we don't know how much fair data is to innovate customer service

in 1994, homestead express was born in Beijing. Relying on project logistics, homestead Express has gradually built a one-stop service of warehousing, sorting, packaging and distribution, accumulated rich project operation experience and forged an excellent project operation mode. After the project logistics reached large-scale operation, homestead express seized the market opportunity to enter the fast-growing express business. Through 8 years of efforts, homestead Express has built a huge express network covering nearly 4500 points in provinces, prefectures, counties and townships, and has accumulated rich experience in B2C express business operation

in 2015, homestead express clearly aimed to provide brands with online and offline one-stop integrated logistics services as its strategic direction. Through the effective integration of logistics, information flow, capital flow and business flow, it is determined to become the mainstream sales channel service provider for enterprise customers in the era of Internet economy

in order to create an all channel online and offline one-stop comprehensive logistics service, ZJS took the lead in building a logistics information network platform. However, with the development of business and technological changes, ZJS' original business processes and application systems can no longer meet the actual business needs. Even in the process of enterprise development, ZJS faces a business situation of two difficulties and three highs, namely, difficult recruitment, difficult management, high site costs, high training costs, and high operating costs

specific problems faced by the home delivery call center in the service process

01 when the business volume of home delivery suddenly rises in special periods (such as store celebrations and the release of new policies), the pressure of manual customer service suddenly increases

02 most of the questions asked by customers are repetitive. When answering such repetitive questions by manual customer service, it is often repetitive work

03 when there are obvious peaks and troughs in the home delivery business, the manual customer service cannot achieve large-scale replication to cope with the fluctuation of business concurrent scale, and cannot achieve flexible operation and maintenance

04 due to physiological limitations, manual customer service cannot respond to customers' relevant inquiries and needs 24 hours a day. At the same time, manual customer service is affected by emotions, so it is difficult to maintain standard service quality all the time, affecting customer satisfaction

in response to these problems, through a comprehensive combing of business processes, in order to simplify and online more application scenarios, homeship believes that the introduction of Ai Ai into the service management process has become a top priority

Home Express believes that in the future, those who win it will win the world, and those who win it will have the first opportunity. Taking the express train of artificial intelligence as soon as possible can help home express achieve the goals of quality improvement, cost reduction and efficiency increase as soon as possible

in order to quickly complete the transformation and upgrading from traditional customer service to intelligent service, through a series of market research and comparison, one pigeon technology, which specializes in providing communication + artificial intelligence full stack solutions, has become the first choice for home express to achieve strategic cooperation

at present, the project belongs to the early stage of testing and docking. In the process of cooperation, we also asked curiously

q: what aspects made Yige stand out among many manufacturers and finally get the trust and choice of Home Express

a: Home Express believes that the power of technology is imperceptibly changing the development of the entire express industry. In the field of express logistics customer service, artificial intelligence technology represented by voice and semantic recognition reflects the modernization of express enterprises and plays a decisive role in promoting the development of enterprises

the reason for choosing Yige technology is that Yige, as a developer of full scene intelligent voice platform technology, its own technical ability and construction experience and cases in the express logistics industry can make homestead express less detours in building an intelligent information platform

the specific advantages embodied by one pigeon technology

01 one pigeon focuses on the deep landing of application scenarios in various industries, and has the ability to quickly adjust the dialogue model in combination with customers' industry attributes and business requirements

02 Yige has mature industry cases in many industries. China is still in the stage of industrialization, informatization, urbanization, marketization and internationalization, and they are all in good operation, especially in the field of express logistics. Yige has mature landing cases and rich construction experience

03 one pigeon has a fully self-developed basic communication platform, which meets the personalized development of different industries and supports the docking with customers' business systems (it has successfully docked with Huawei, Avaya and other call center platforms)

04 Yige has its own data platform, which is convenient for collecting, analyzing and labeling data, and supports the development of semantic understanding models in different industries

the trust and choice of customers is the affirmation of the ability of one dove technology to identify the function of the products used by itself by washing and testing the adhesion of smooth grease. It is also the driving force for one dove technology to continuously optimize its products and improve its core capabilities. One dove will always maintain its original intention, build a fast and effective communication bridge between more enterprises and a large number of users, and continue to surprise more industries while empowering the logistics industry to serve

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