The hottest hot spot in food packaging industry

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The "hot spot" of the food packaging industry

multi head computer combined scales originated in Japan. Because multi head scales have good performance in accuracy, speed and so on, they have been rapidly and widely used in the food industry. The multi head scale can weigh three types of materials: block, granular and strip. The weighing of block materials can best reflect the advantages of the multi head scale. It solves the problem of large measurement error caused by the large weight of a single block of block materials

the performance of multi head computer combined scale in terms of packaging accuracy and speed is greatly improved compared with the traditional measurement method. At present, the weighing error of multi head scales is generally set as positive deviation 0 0g (weighing range: 500g). At the same time, because the multi head scale adopts computer to calculate, the combination speed (i.e. weighing speed) is effectively improved. The weighing speed of a ten head multi head scale can reach 70 times/minute, and the weighing speed of fourteen head multi head scales can reach 120 times/minute. Fujian Dali food factory is a large enterprise specializing in the production of fried potato chips. Before 2004, the traditional measurement method (single weighing cup measurement) has been used. Its speed can only reach 25 times/minute, and the average error of single bag weighing is greater than 4G, that is, each bag of potato chips (40g) is packed with at least 4G more chips due to inaccurate weighing. Based on the annual output of 4000 tons, the enterprise alone loses nearly 400 tons of potato chips every year. In order to solve the problem of inaccurate product measurement, the enterprise tentatively purchased a multi head scale (wp-a10). After using the multi head scale, the enterprise sets the actual weighing error value to 1g. The technical parameter of the elastic element fatigue life testing machine, that is, the weighing error loss of each bag of potato chips (40s), is more than 3 grams less than when the hardness of the multi head scale is not a simple physical quantity. It is confirmed by cost accounting that the multi head scale will recover all the investment within less than half a year. At present, Fujian Dali group, including nearly 10 branches across the country, uses more than 40 domestic combined scales

The quantitative weighing section of the combined scale is the key equipment for the automatic production of food factories. Previously, China relied on imports from Japan, Australia and other countries. Due to the high price, it hindered the wide application and popularization of the computer combined scale. The emergence of Zhongshan vepak combined scale and the upgrading and localization of combined scale technology have made the computer combined scale originally regarded as "noble product" no longer the patent of large enterprises. More domestic enterprises pursuing high speed and efficiency have eliminated the previous quantitative weighing and packaging production lines that cost materials and labor, such as cup type or full labor, with high technology The combination scale quantitative weighing and packaging system with a higher degree of automation will arm itself

if domestic food enterprises want to know more about multi head scales, they must introduce three factors that should be paid attention to when purchasing multi head scales

when choosing a multi head scale, the first thing to consider is whether the weighing speed of the multi head scale matches the production line. General combined scale quantitative weighing and packaging system is mainly composed of combined scale, vertical packaging machine, vibrating feeder, z-conveyor, support platform, etc. The weighing speed of the multi head scale mainly depends on the number of weighing buckets involved. The more weighing buckets, the faster the weighing speed. If the user has a ready-made packaging machine, the speed of the multi head scale should refer to the goal of the operating speed of the packaging machine for the coal industry, but the speed of the multi head scale should be slightly higher than the operating speed of the packaging machine

secondly, the weighing range, material size, shape, viscosity and other characteristics of the product should be considered. For example, the weighing range and material are large, and the combined scale with more than 14 heads should be considered; If the material is sticky, the feeding hopper and weighing bucket in contact with the material should be anti sticky. Generally, the concave convex version weighing bucket will be selected, otherwise the speed and accuracy of the multi head scale will be affected

the third factor is the weighing accuracy of the multi head scale. Although multi head scales are very mature products, the accuracy of load sensors used in these measurements is different. Some multi head scales are analog signals, such as Cody and altchi in China. The analog signals are old pirated scales (pirated Dahe). Due to the poor technical treatment during piracy, the scales mainly have problems in planning and quality improvement, such as unstable performance, easy burning motherboards, second-hand sources of IC patches, etc. the biggest problem is that the products have problems because piracy has no improvement ability at all. Some are digital weighing, such as vepak, which mainly produces waterproof combined scales, all of which use digital high-precision weighing signals. These characteristics are unmatched by analog products

the multi head scale basically does not need maintenance in the process of use, but only needs daily cleaning. In addition, food enterprises should pay special attention to two points in the process of using multi head scales: first, keep the continuity, stability and rationality of feeding as much as possible. If the feeding is too much or too little, making the material in the weighing bucket too much or too little, it will cause the combination of multi head scales difficult or impossible, and then reduce the speed and accuracy of weighing; Second, when disassembling the weighing bucket, it should be as light as possible. Excessive force will damage the load sensor, affect the weighing accuracy, and even make it unusable. Third, after use every day, the main vibrating plate, line vibrating plate, feed hopper, weighing bucket and other places that are only in direct contact with the measured should be cleaned. Before each use, check whether there are foreign objects on the hooks of each weighing bucket, and remove the dust on the hooks of each weighing bucket after use

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