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A hospital in Vietnam said that its instrument can detect any disease in five minutes

according to the "Central News Agency" quoted Vietnam's "Youth Daily" on the 2nd, a medical center in Ho Chi Minh City claimed to have an advanced medical scanner, which can detect any disease of the patient in five minutes, but it was strongly questioned by the medical community

this medical center, called Hong lac, has a luxurious architectural appearance. Patients have a sense of trust before entering the door, and there are a considerable number of patients. As reported by Audi A2, there are many doctors with doctor's and master's degrees in the center

a female patient said that there was a magic machine in the center. As long as the patient put his hands and feet on the machine, he could see through all parts of the human body and find the diseases of the patient. The diagnosis costs about 250000 vnd (about 78 yuan)

another patient said that in fact, it costs at least vnd 1million to see a doctor every time, including diagnosis and treatment, taking medicine, etc., which is beyond the range that the general public can afford

Hongluo Medical Center said that this medical device was imported from the United States and is a scientific diagnostic method, which has been recognized by the Ministry of health. The most famous Bach Mai Hospital in Vietnam also uses this instrument

however, Nguyen Quoc Anh, a person in charge of Bamai hospital, said that the hospital did not use this instrument since the indentation was small

according to the information provided by Kim Khanh trading service company in Ho Chi Minh City, this instrument, called E.S Teck complex, has indeed obtained the import license from the Ministry of health, but it is not a universal machine, but only to assist doctors in preliminary diagnosis and find out the troubleshooting and treatment direction of the testing machine

doctor Pham Ngoc HOA also said that there is no magic machine in the world that can find a variety of diseases in a very short time, and the diagnosis process always follows a certain procedure. For example, blood tests, X-rays and other test steps, and then summarize the test results, doctors can diagnose

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