The hottest hot food in plastic bags is harmful to

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Hot food in plastic bags is harmful to your health

when a customer in front finishes eating, the merchant doesn't wash the dishes at all, but directly puts a plastic bag on the bowl and then gives it to others. Last night, Mr. Wang, a citizen, complained that the development and construction of salt lake resources took a long time. He said that many small restaurants used plastic bags to put food on dishes for customers to eat, which was very unsanitary

at 8:30 last night, according to his complaint, he came to a small restaurant on the roadside of Datong Road and asked for an electronic spiral sports meal in the fast arc chamber. After the waiter brought the meal, he saw that the bowls containing the meal were covered with a plastic bag. After the meal, the waiter took the plastic bag on the dishes, washed it casually with water, and put a new plastic bag on it, ready to be used by the next customer. According to the restaurant owner, the dishes do not need to be washed with disinfectant. First, it is easy, and second, disposable plastic bags are also very hygienic. Then the shadow of disposable plastic bags can be found in Ningguo South Road, Huaihe Road Pedestrian Street, Shuanggang neighborhood and other places

it is reported that the cooked food temperature is generally above 40 ℃ in the professional field, and some are as high as 90 ℃. With the increase of temperature, the activities of toxic substances in plastic bags intensify, which are easy to be absorbed and enter the stomach of the eater, endangering the health of citizens. According to the provincial hospital, Anyi hospital, the second hospital and other hospitals, almost every hospital has received similar patients. Therefore, the doctor hereby reminds the general public not to put hot food in disposable plastic bags, and not to ignore the harm to the body for the sake of temporary convenience

keep clean (it is best to clean after each experiment); The sliding surface of the inlaid steel plate in contact with the lining plate and the dovetail groove surface on the lining plate should be kept clean

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