The hottest hot rolling market continues to consol

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The hot rolling market continues to consolidate, and the Tianjin market is slightly warmer.

the opening of the market this week, the National hot rolling spot market is temporarily stable and wait-and-see. Stimulated by the favorable reduction of the deposit reserve ratio at the end of last week, the boost of the market is limited, and merchants are still generally cautious and wait-and-see

on the 14th, qiaojinliang said that the stock market did not rebound in the case of the RRR reduction, and the two markets were generally volatile. At noon, the stock market closed slightly red, while the futures market generally fell. Bulk hot coil 1207 closed at 4180, down 0.29%

it can be seen that the decline of the market can not be improved by a good one. From the point of view of the spot market, most businesses said that 9. Compressed space: 0 ⑶ 000mm the main reason for this round of decline is the contradiction between supply and demand in fundamentals, and the pressure on capital is not the main reason, so traders are not blindly optimistic at present

from the morning, Lecong's market quotation was weak and consolidated. After the futures snail opened slightly higher, it was weak and volatile. There were not many inquiries from traders, and the market transaction was still relatively light

from the perspective of Shanghai market, the wait-and-see mood of merchants in the market this morning was relatively strong, and most merchants delayed the quotation. As of the morning, the main news of 1500mm plain carbon steel roll was that the price of a oil pump belt looseness appeared near 4200 yuan/ton

in contrast, the Tianjin market performed better today after a decline in the previous period. The quotation of merchants is generally late. Until around 10 o'clock, the market price tends to be clear, mostly controlled at about 4150 yuan/ton, up yuan/ton from last Friday. While the price is getting stronger, the market demand also shows signs of warming. Today, some merchants' shipments are significantly stronger than last week, and the trading volume can reach tons

however, some businesses said that the reduction of packaging materials was achieved. Today's slight increase in market trading volume may be the phased release of some terminal demand suppressed in the early stage, which cannot be used as a signal of the market's recovery. How the trend in the later stage remains to be further observed

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