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The decline of house prices is easing. Is there a chance for the home furnishing industry?

can the price reduction storm that broke out in late October become the real inflection point of China's real estate market

the latest transaction data shows that sharp price cuts have a significant effect on Accelerating Sales and capital withdrawal. Shanghai, with the most drastic price reduction, has three major real estate projects, Longhu Licheng, Longhu Haowang mountain and Greenland Qiuxia square, respectively ranking among the top three in the transaction area list of Shanghai last week. This newspaper estimates that the total transaction amount is about 320 million yuan, 330 million yuan and 75 million yuan respectively. Considering the time difference of sales registration, the actual funds returned are far more than these

the funds withdrawn at reduced prices are self-evident in their attraction to developers who are short of funds. But on the other hand, the "trouble" brought by the price reduction, such as check-out, has made some real estate enterprises dare not easily fall sharply, or have to urgently adjust the price reduction strategy

strategy adjustment: straight decline to dark decline

the latest statistics show that in the last week of October, driven by the sharp price reduction of some projects, the trading volume of Shanghai real estate market rebounded from the previous level, but remained low overall

according to some statistical data, the trading volume in Shanghai rebounded by 40% last week, with 138400 square meters of transactions, and the average transaction price of 19413 yuan/square meter hit the lowest level in nearly 25 weeks. In October, the total turnover of Shanghai property market was about 460000 square meters, the lowest in the same period in history. At the same time, the supply also hit the lowest level in the same period in history, only 475200 square meters

"the sharp decline in supply is mainly due to the sudden price reduction of large enterprises such as Longhu, Greenland and Zhonghai in mid October, which disrupted the marketing rhythm of some developers. In addition, the following will enter the traditional season of adding different formulas in the real estate market, which makes developers dare not rush to sell." An analyst pointed out that the reason for the price reduction lies in the short-term impact of the storm of dense SiO2 protective film on the surface, which is somewhat unexpected

some developers follow up the price reduction. Shanghai Minhang's Yipin Mancheng phase II garden house offers a special price of 1.05 million/set, which is equivalent to a 7.9% discount for the cheapest total price of 5million; LOHAS house, located in Shaanxi North Road, Putuo District, also offers a discount of 8.3%; Jiading Lujin feiliwan hardbound houses, with an average price of 15800 yuan/square meter, relative to the surrounding buildings The price of 30000 yuan/square meter is significantly discounted

but the report bluntly stated that in view of the owner protests caused by the early price reduction of real estate, the follow-up price reduction projects, although not inferior in scope and intensity, should be much more obscure and low-key. The preliminary investigation found that as many as 80% of Shanghai real estate enterprises have changed from direct reduction to disguised price reduction. For example, the villa in the western suburbs of Changtai, located in Sheshan, Songjiang, Shanghai, has adopted the way of selling at a reduced price in disguised form, rather than directly selling at a discount

with the increase of price reduction projects, at present, some new buildings in Shanghai have also begun to change their strategies, generally opening at a low price. For example, the opening prices of Mingyuan forest city in Zhabei District and Lujin feiliwan in Jiading District are more than 20% lower than the surrounding homogeneous buildings

how can the price reduction continue

it is noted that Longhu real estate, the pacesetter of Shanghai's price reduction, has quickly acquired land after rapidly recovering huge funds through price reduction, which is the stability of cooperation

on October 31, Qingdao sold HD, HD, HD and other three plots in Huangdao District by auction. Finally, the three plots were won by Longhu real estate at a base price of about 510million yuan, with a starting floor price of 2265 yuan/square meter

in the latest report, a securities said frankly that the key to breaking the real estate market situation lies in the financial tension of enterprises, "only financial pressure is the real driving force to force enterprises to reduce prices". However, Longhu's action of reducing the price with one hand and taking the land with the other makes it difficult to easily confirm the sustainability of the price reduction

for real estate enterprises that have completed this year's performance, the incentive to reduce prices is even less. Li Jingang, the managing director and chief executive of Ruian real estate, recently said publicly that the contract sales of Ruian real estate in the first nine months were 6.3 billion yuan, and he was confident to achieve the annual target of 10 billion yuan. "The price reduction depends on individual developers, project quality and location. Ruifang has no price reduction action in the past and no price reduction plan in the future."

Zhang Hongwei, director of Tongce consulting and Research Center, has always believed that the inflection point of the property market must be that the average transaction price of the macro property market has fallen by more than 10% or 15%, rather than the strategic price reduction or direct price reduction of local cases. "This inflection point has not appeared in this month, and it is unlikely to appear in the future."

"in the early part of this year, the central policy was implemented vigorously, and local governments echoed it one after another, and the situation of the real estate market immediately turned; now, local real estate market transactions are in the doldrums, land base price transactions and even bid flow occur from time to time, and land transfer income is far from the plan. In the long run, local investment projects will face the risk of shelving, and the attitude of local governments also began to change subtly." Gao Gang said

whether the slight changes in the real estate market can leave a trace of good for the household industry jjg1136 ⑵ 017 stipulates that the verification waveform is a sine wave, we can only wait and see

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