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Ten years of trials and tribulations, creating a glorious century

-- Speech by Jiangjizeng, chairman of Lide Huafu, at the "celebration of the 10th anniversary of Lide Huafu and the sales performance of high-voltage inverters exceeding 2000 units"

today, all employees of Beijing Lide Huafu Electric Technology Co., Ltd. and qingneng Huafu wind power technology Co., Ltd. are gathered here with unquenchable joy, Celebrate the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the company and the sales of high-voltage frequency converters exceeded 2000. These are two great events worth celebrating in the development of the company. Let's wish Lide Huafu a happy tenth birthday, a brilliant performance in the development of Lide Huafu in the past ten years, and a rise in the common price. We wish the company the same youth and vitality in the future development, and a century's dream come true

the company has gone through ten years of ups and downs since its establishment. As an unknown private small enterprise, it has grown into the most well-known and undisputed pilot enterprise in the field of high-voltage inverter in China, and is the most resounding name in this field to win glory for the country! High voltage variable frequency speed regulation system has the characteristics of high technical content and high reliability operation requirements. It is an important feature of this product that manufacturers need to provide professional design and services. Based on the concept of attaching importance to knowledge and respecting talents, the company insists on tackling key technical problems, independent research and development, and takes the road of independent innovation. It has obtained the independent intellectual property rights of the product, and continuously won customers with continuous technological innovation, continuous improvement of quality and good service. In the same stage competition with international well-known brands and in the increasingly competitive market, it has gradually occupied an important market share, and its sales performance has increased significantly year by year. It took five years to achieve 100 sets of sales performance from the project approval and development of the prototype in 1999 to august2003. The second 100 sets of performance took one year. From September, 2004 to February, 2006, it took one and a half years to sell 300 sets of equipment and achieve the sales performance of 500 sets. From March 2006 to June 2007, it took 1 year and 3 months to sell 500 sets of equipment and achieve 1000 sets of sales performance. From july2007 to september2008, it took another year and three months to sell 1000 sets of equipment and achieve the sales performance of 2000 sets. At the same time, the company's R & D, design, production and service support capacity has also increased from a few, a dozen, dozens, 100, 200, 300 and 500 units per year to 800 units this year. Next year, the company can fully withstand the rapid development and standardized operation test with an annual output of more than 1000 units

with the continuous expansion of the business scale of the enterprise, the technical content and power level of the products are continuously upgraded, the product quality and operation stability are continuously improved, and the professional technical service level is more and more in place, which has always maintained the vitality and vigor of the rapid development of the enterprise. The company's products have been rated as the first brand in the domestic industry for several consecutive years, the first domestic brand most satisfied by Chinese users, and Chinese famous brand products. Today, Lide Huafu has provided 2000 sets of equipment to the society. If the average power is 800KW and the power saving rate is 25%, the power saving of 2000 sets of equipment is equivalent to the annual power generation of 400000 kW installed capacity. It operates for 7200 hours throughout the year, with an annual power saving of 2.88 billion kilowatt hours. Each kilowatt hour is 0.5 yuan/kw 8226; H calculation, it can save 1.44 billion yuan of annual electricity charge for users. Based on the average coal consumption of 400g per kilowatt hour, one high-precision stay wire encoder saves 1152000 tons of coal per year, reducing the production of 230400 tons of fly ash to the environment every year, making a significant contribution to national energy conservation and emission reduction

in addition to the brilliant achievements of high-voltage variable-frequency speed regulation products, we also set our sights on the wind power market. At the end of 2006, we independently developed and successfully developed a 1.5MW doubly fed asynchronous wind power converter prototype. At present, the product has been sold and successfully put into operation on the wind turbine site. At the end of this month, we will hold on-site meetings in Yingkou Xianren island and Dalian city. Next year, we will form mass production to replace some imported products, Make new contributions to China's energy conservation and environmental protection

on this double happiness day, we are sincerely proud and gratified. At this moment, what I want to express most is that all the employees and colleagues who have worked hard and made contributions to the development of the company are the ones who, with their own intelligence and hard work, in the spirit of persistent pursuit and unremitting efforts to the cause and with the spirit of perseverance and perseverance, have returned to today's influence and status of LDC. Between career and interests, you choose the former. Between temptation and loyalty, you choose the latter. You start from the research and development of the first prototype, continuously improve the technical performance, quality level and power level of the product, expand the application field and improve the service capacity; Starting from the sales promotion of the first product, you have expanded the territory to expand the sales performance of the product under the increasingly fierce market competition; Starting from a small company with a few people, you have continuously improved your management level to meet the needs of the rapid development of the company. With innovative ideas and meticulous spirit, you have made unremarkable contributions to Lide Huafu. The company has such a group of United and efficient management teams, such a group of loyal and reliable backbones, and such a group of dedicated employees. Only then will Lide Huafu achieve today's glory

the past glory has become history, and a new page is slowly opening. Every Lide Huafu person with a sense of mission will think about how to maintain the vigorous vitality of the company and make Lide Huafu foundation evergreen. Although countless people with lofty ideals are lamenting that life is short, ten years is still a naughty boy who is not familiar with personnel for a person, but for a developing enterprise, it has entered the most critical moment in life. The life span of people is uncertain. In the current rapidly changing economic environment, the life span of enterprises is even more unpredictable. Humans have learned to survive and can live to 75 years or more on average, but few companies have such a long life span and prosperity period, especially the average life span of Chinese enterprises is shorter. Statistics show that the average life span of large enterprises in China is only years, while that of small and medium-sized enterprises is even lower, only years. Less than 3% of the 6000 enterprises registered in Zhongguancun, Beijing, have a life span of more than 8 years, with an average life span of 3.9 years. The average life span of multinationals ranking among the world's top 500 or its equivalent is between years. Enterprises with a 20-year history of declining profits of Chinese paper enterprises in 2018 seem to be the limit of the growth ring of Chinese enterprises today, which means "evergreen trees" in China. Their survival think tanks are admired by young enterprises. 20-year-old Haier, 20-year-old Lenovo and 20-year-old Huawei have all become the most dazzling "star enterprises" in the starry sky of Chinese enterprises. Faced with the reality, Lide Huafu people who regard their career as their life can not help asking, what should we do? What will we do

I think the conclusion is positive: as long as we are not satisfied with the achievements we have made, we will work hard as always; As long as we always have a sense of crisis and have the psychological preparation to meet challenges and setbacks; As long as we make concerted efforts, adhere to the spirit of continuous innovation and meticulous style, and always maintain positive passion and vitality, miracles will occur, dreams will come true, and our enterprise will be able to develop healthily step by step. It is the same sentence: there will be hope only if there is pursuit, and there will be harvest only if there is struggle. Success only belongs to those who are prepared. The realization of the Centennial dream must belong to the people who are constantly pursuing Lidehuafu

chairman of Lide Huafu: Jiangjizeng

September 23, 2008

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