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Maoming Petrochemical lowered its plastic quotation

in the face of increasingly cold downstream demand and gradually increasing inventory, Maoming Petrochemical made an overall reduction in the ex factory price of its products last week

at present, especially at the cable entry device, the quotation of LDPE from the factory is 6600 yuan; The polyethylene production line is still used to produce HDPE 2010, and the ex factory price is 6300 yuan; The inventory of LLDPE has been basically emptied; PP adapts to the market by enriching product types, and the price of t46f is reduced to 5700 yuan; The ex factory price of styrene monomer has also been reduced by 4700 yuan under the situation that domestic and foreign peers have reduced the price one after another and some midstream raw material production lines have been shut down, keeping pace with the mainstream prices in East and North China

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