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On November 21, after receiving an interview from this newspaper, Ren Hualin, assistant to the president of Zhejiang WanLiYang transmission Co., Ltd., was following up with Dongfeng Motor Corporation in Hubei. Since cooperating with Dongfeng Motor Corporation on military related products, he has traveled between Hubei and Zhejiang for many times

at the docking and exchange conference between the national defense science and technology system and Zhejiang private enterprises held in Hangzhou on November 13, Wan Liyang, as the signing representative of Zhejiang private enterprises, will cooperate with the Armored Force Engineering College of the Chinese people's Liberation Army on the project of "research and development of dual clutch automatic transmission for vehicles"

in Zhejiang, there are not a few private enterprises like WanLiYang that have set foot in or developed military industry. Nearly 100 experts from 35 national defense science and technology units, military enterprises and other representatives who came to Hangzhou to attend the meeting have become "sweet cakes" in the eyes of private enterprises everywhere

under the pressure of the global financial tsunami and the increasingly severe export environment, Zhejiang's manufacturing industry is also actively looking for a path of transformation, and the military industry has also become a new happy land in the eyes of Zhejiang private enterprises

provincial "strategy"

under the background of the financial tsunami and the global economic recession, the national defense science and technology system and Zhejiang private enterprises docking and exchange conference held on November 13 has given special significance to Zhejiang manufacturing industry

it is understood that there are 405 national defense scientific and technological achievements in Zhejiang this time, and more than 40 private enterprises have signed contracts with the national defense scientific and technological system. Many business people said that these achievements are not only innovative, but also close to life. They have a high enthusiasm for participating in this meeting

"at present, there are three ways for private enterprises in Zhejiang to 'involve the military'. One is to provide products directly to the military without scientific and technological cooperation; the other is to cooperate with military scientific research units, and the products developed can be used for both military and civilian purposes; the third is to directly purchase military scientific research achievements. This meeting is mainly the second case." Ren Hualin told this newspaper

the representatives of the first batch of 10 Zhejiang private enterprises signed a cooperative agreement with the China air to Air Missile Research Institute, the Armored Force Engineering College of the Chinese people's Liberation Army, the fifth construction company of China nuclear industry group and other national defense military industrial units to develop the achievements of national defense science and technology systems such as bkz-904 unmanned airborne photoelectric reconnaissance system digital camera components, dual clutch automotive automatic transmission, high-performance nuclear grade seals, etc

"At present, nearly 96% of the automatic transmissions of domestic cars are imported, with high prices, high fuel consumption and poor technical versatility. The 'dual clutch automatic transmission of cars' developed by us in cooperation with the Academy of Armored Forces Engineering of the Chinese people's Liberation Army can not only save 10 percentage points in fuel consumption, but also change the current situation that the transmission needs to step on the accelerator when driving a manual block car. Once it is put into the market, the price is expected to be nearly 40000 yuan cheaper than the imported transmission, which is not Often affordable. " Ren Hualin revealed

in fact, this docking and exchange is not done at will. Zhejiang Province is well prepared for its enthusiasm for the military industry

on September 23, more than a month ago, the Zhejiang Provincial Economic and Trade Commission issued the guiding opinions on promoting the development of military civilian integration industry after a long period of deliberation. Once again, private enterprises are encouraged to enter the military industry. Earlier, the Commission of science, technology and industry for national defense has had many close contacts with private enterprises in Hangzhou, Ningbo and other places

"although other provinces such as Sichuan have issued guidance before in Zhejiang, as far as I know, the participation of private enterprises in these provinces is not much, and our province is characterized by a higher degree of participation of private enterprises in Zhejiang. Guangdong is relatively more difficult, because there are relatively more Sino foreign joint ventures in Guangdong, and the military industry currently restricts Sino foreign joint ventures." Zouwuxiang, deputy director of the comprehensive Department of the Zhejiang Provincial Economic and Trade Commission, told this newspaper on November 20

for a long time, the military industry has been regarded as a restricted area for private economic investment. Until February, 2005, the State Council issued the "several opinions on encouraging, supporting and guiding the development of non-public economy such as the individual and private sectors", which clearly proposed to allow non-public capital to enter the field of national defense science, technology and industry construction for the first time

on this basis, the Commission of science, technology and industry for National Defense issued a series of policies, pointing out that in addition to a small number of core military enterprises should continue to maintain wholly state-owned enterprises, encourage the introduction of domestic capital and conditionally allow foreign capital to participate in the joint-stock transformation of military enterprises. Its working principle is that the servo system controls the electromechanical. It introduces in detail the relevant conditions and procedures of non-public economy participating countries in extending the shelf life of food and preventing the construction of science, technology and industry, It also defines the specific scope of non-public economy participating in the construction of national defense science, technology and industry

"the military has technology and equipment, while private enterprises have production needs and resource advantages, which can complement each other. Moreover, military products have the characteristics of high technology and high added value, which are welcomed by private enterprises, and their enthusiasm for participation is relatively high." Zou Wuxiang said

according to the guidance issued this time, Zhejiang will focus on cultivating and developing nine military civilian integrated industries, and open the door to private enterprises. At the same time, the military civilian integration industry development plan will be formulated, and the military civilian integration industry will be incorporated into regional development, provincial advanced manufacturing base construction and relevant plans

these nine industries are: military products, nuclear energy and nuclear technology applications, civil aerospace, civil aviation, civil ships, optoelectronic information related industries, new materials, special modified vehicles and auto parts, civil blasting equipment, etc

"Zhejiang private enterprises are suitable for producing high-end and sophisticated supporting products, and Zhejiang economy and military industry economy have strong complementarity and docking." Researcher Wang Xiaoping, deputy director of military and civilian technology transfer and Innovation Committee of China high tech Industrialization Research Association, believes that

private enterprises "respond"

WanLiYang company attracted people's attention at the docking and exchange conference between the national defense science and technology system and Zhejiang private enterprises on November 13

"we have developed the transmission for 13 years. At present, our annual output is about 200 million civilian products. For military products, it began with the cooperation with Dongfeng last year." Ren Hualin said, "Dongfeng Motor Company is now our company's second largest customer, and our first project involving military products - Dongfeng Mengshi military vehicle transmission C21, known as China's' Hummer ', is in cooperation with Dongfeng company, which has been successfully developed and mass produced last year."

it is understood that they invested 13million yuan in the early stage for this Mengshi military vehicle transmission. For the DCT dual clutch transmission of military vehicles, they plan to invest about 100million yuan. This military vehicle developed by Dongfeng Motor Company is named "Hanma"

"at present, in addition to cooperating with Dongfeng Motor in the transmission of military vehicles, we have also begun to cooperate with the Academy of Armored Forces Engineering in the project of 'research and development of dual clutch automatic transmission for vehicles'. Before the experiment, we are the only enterprise involved in the automotive industry." Ren Hualin said

as early as June 12 this year, WanLiYang company held a signing ceremony for the technical cooperation of DCT automotive automatic transmission with the Armored Force Engineering College. The project will mainly carry out 0 Research and development of 5L displacement double clutch (DCT) automotive automatic transmission for passenger cars. It has been listed by the Ministry of science and technology as the key research topic of the National 863 plan in the "Eleventh Five Year Plan"

"at present, only two foreign enterprises have successfully developed this technology, but it is still blank in China. The partner has completed the prototype design of tank DCT principle, and the DCT principle of tank is the same as that of automobile." Ren Hualin said that at present, we have completed the overall design scheme of the project, and have completed the design of the mechanical part and the preliminary design of the hydraulic system of the project. It can be developed successfully in about one and a half years or two and a half, and it is planned to be mass produced in 2012

according to Ren Hualin's description, the prospect of this product is very broad. "There is no obvious impact on the unit cost. This product is not only used for military products, but also for civilian cars. We design 100000 sets of phase I production capacity, and the output value is about 1.5 billion yuan."

it is understood that among the nine military civilian integrated industries that Zhejiang will focus on cultivating and developing, the "Zhejiang corps" with private enterprises as the main force has already begun to appear. In the current environment, many private enterprises are facing transformation and industrial upgrading. Zhejiang private enterprises have realized that the military industry is expected to become the cake of the next round of competition

according to the data, the output value created by Zhejiang private enterprises' joining the army exceeded 3billion yuan two years ago. As the state liberalizes the military market, the market prospect for private enterprises to "join the army" will be broader

taking the civil aerospace industry as an example, in 2002, the first domestic light single helicopter produced by Zhejiang aircraft pioneer Huzhou taixiang Aviation Technology Co., Ltd. in cooperation with other companies successfully flew; In the same year, Ningbo best Aviation Technology Engineering Co., Ltd., which started from textile, devoted itself to aircraft manufacturing, and its self-developed "Eagle-1" UAV set a precedent for domestic private enterprises to make their own aircraft

Delixi Group in Wenzhou is the only supplier of low-voltage electrical appliances for Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center. On October 16, 2003, Delixi's products followed the "Shenzhou V" manned spacecraft to the sky; The magnetic products of Tiantong Co., Ltd. in Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province have passed the certification of the China military electronic components Quality Certification Commission. Relying on its strong technical strength such as the "soft ferrite core production line", the company has completed a number of military scientific research projects and served as a pioneer in the development of civilian enterprises to the military field

"compared with civilian products, the purchase price of military products is relatively high, which is an important reason for the high enthusiasm of private enterprises, but there is a more important reason is that participating in military production can reduce the management cost and product quality cost of enterprises. Military products have very strict quality requirements, and it is not easy to pass the military quality management system approval and cost audit, which is conducive to improving the quality of enterprises." Ren Hualin said

a "middleman" of a military project in Zhejiang told this newspaper, "military orders are stable and there is less competition. At the same time, it also adds a halo of quality to the enterprise. With the deepening of cooperation," military technology and civil "not only brings the enterprise into the blue ocean, but also saves a huge amount of early research and development costs and reduces risks."

the "intermediary" also said, "in fact, military orders are generally not too large. As long as they are approved and do not affect the manufacturing of military products, they can be used for civilian use."

according to Chen Jiafu, director of the office of national defense science, technology and industry of Zhejiang Province, at present, 81 private enterprises in Zhejiang are "military related", of which 36 have obtained military related licenses and production qualifications, and some others are still in the process of processing

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