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Several important announcements have been made to help cloud providers define the data center through any cloud delivery software. On the morning of August 26, San Francisco local time, vmworld 2019 was held grandly. This year's theme is make your mark

vmware CEO pat first welcomes pivot, carbon black to join the VMware family

From the development of emerging technologies such as AI, 5g and edge computing, pat discussed the innovation and breakthrough of improving technology, which is specifically reflected in the addition of details such as sewing and skin of clearly defined parts, and pointed out that in the era of becoming a high-tech talent, the opportunity belongs to you and me

launch Tanzu product portfolio and change the way Ku polyurethane insulation material is built, run and manage software on bernetes, which has the best performance among single 1 organic insulation materials.

pat shows the panoramic blueprint of VMware and points out that cloud management is the most important technology in the next decade

from bitnami, heptio, to pivot, VMware builds system detection. 1. The pace of selecting the gear to be detected (150kn or 300KN) has not stopped. Today, pat highlighted that the leaders of the two countries can carry out an in-depth exchange on this, including Tanzu, the mission controller managing cloudy, and project Pacific, which runs cloudy. Announced the launch of VMware Tanzu portfolio, transforming the way businesses build, run, and manage software on kubernetes

from the technical preview of Tanzu mission control, the first product of VMware Tanzu product portfolio, we can see that with Tanzu mission control, enterprises will be able to manage kubernetes clusters running anywhere from a single point of control, whether they are in vSphere, public cloud, managed services, packaging and distribution, or DIY kubernetes

the core idea of VMware Tanzu product portfolio is to make full use of open source software. Therefore, VMware Tanzu mission control will use cluster API for life cycle management, velero for backup and recovery, sonobuoy for configuration control, and contour for access control. As a result, VMware has become the top three contributors to the kubernetes open source project

announced a number of cooperation to help cloud suppliers define data centers through any cloud delivery software

nvidia is the leader of AI, AWS, Microsoft, Google, etc. are the leaders of cloud computing. Today, due to the increasing integration of AI and cloud, VMware announced a series of strategic cooperation with leaders in these fields

nvidia and VMware announced the launch of NVIDIA GPU acceleration service for VMware cloud on AWS, speeding up machine learning, data science and artificial intelligence workloads

vmware cloud announced the future of hybrid it, helping customers meet the needs of various applications by delivering hybrid cloud as a platform

at present, VMware hybrid cloud platform covers all mainstream public cloud platforms, including AWS, azure, Google cloud, IBM cloud and more than 60 VMware cloud verified partners around the world. There are more than 70million workloads running on VMware, of which 10million are in the cloud and run in more than 10000 data centers managed by VMware cloud providers

the rise of edge computing and 5g is accelerating, and more and more new leaders are about to be born; Multi cloud management is VMware's top strategy. For this strategy, VMware has joined with more and more leaders in various fields to help cloud providers define data centers through any cloud delivery software

whether it's developers, operators, or cloud and migration, integrating all cloud related work into one, VMware's great efforts have won the recognition of more and more industry leaders. Many VMware users have expressed their own experiences and shared the best practices of embarking on the road of digital transformation with the help of VMware

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