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Manz group received a large order from Baosteel Co., Ltd.

on November 7, 2018, Suzhou, China - Manz group, a leading global manufacturer of high-tech equipment covering a number of technology combinations, obtained a large order for the purchase of laser structured processing equipment from Baoshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., China's largest steel enterprise, in June 2018, and held a signing agreement today. The order includes the world's unique metal plate laser forming experimental line. After the completion of the project, Baosteel will realize the industrialization of scientific research achievements of the world's first technology

according to the feasible manufacturing technology route and process requirements formulated by Baosteel, the preliminary concept of manufacturing process was determined through cooperation. Based on this concept, the solar energy division of Manz group has developed a continuous laser forming process framework for metal plates based on laser forming thin-film solar modules. The core of this global unique method is the continuous forming of metal coils by laser. Formed metal will be used in high-end equipment, which can significantly improve efficiency. In the process of developing the experimental line, Manz group made full use of its many years of experience in laser forming of large surface substrates, optical control systems and integrated analytical instruments

Martin drasch, CEO of Manz group, said: "The large order of one of the largest steel groups in the world fully demonstrates the innovation ability of Manz group. With our long-term experience in the field of solar business group, we have always understood and understood the demand of laser forming: that is, the requirements for high production capacity, high precision and high quality in the laser forming process. In the field of mass production, we can ensure the contribution rate of laser in micron through the integration of vision and closed-loop control system Up to 23.82%. This experimental line will be the only one in the world and will show broad prospects in assembling more steel mills. "

the newly established laser technology center of Manz group in roetlingen will also participate in the development of this innovative experimental line. All laser expertise owned by all business groups of Manz group will be "bundled" and integrated, and will continue to develop. At the same time, we will quickly introduce innovation into the market and strive to expand new revenue and profit potential

figure: Martin drasch (first from the right), CEO of Manz group, signed a contract with Baoshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. on behalf of Manz group

Manz group - passion makes high efficiency

Manz group was founded in 1987. It is a global manufacturer of high-tech equipment, and its business scope focuses on solar energy, electronic devices and parts, energy storage, OEM and customer service

with years of expertise in automation, laser technology, vision and measurement, wet chemistry and roll to roll technology, Manz group provides innovative production equipment solutions in the fields of solar energy, electronic devices and components, and lithium battery technology. We not only provide customized production equipment as required, but also provide standard stand-alone equipment and modular workstations, which can be seamlessly connected with client equipment to form an independent production system. Our cooperation with our customers is very close, and Manz participated in it at the initial stage of the project. Because of this, Manz can provide high-quality, demand-oriented solutions, and make a significant contribution to the success of our customers. The consumption of polyurethane insulation materials shows an increasing trend

manz group was publicly listed in Germany in 2006. It has its own production bases in Germany, Slovakia, Hungary, Italy, Chinese Mainland and Taiwan, and business sales and service networks in the United States and South Korea. Manz group has about 1700 employees worldwide, more than half of whom are from Asia, the target city within the group, and the important area of the water battery cathode material field jointly developed with American companies. The total revenue of Manz group reached 325million euros in fiscal 2017

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