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On May 12, the liquidation and cleaning of Maoming Petrochemical's key environmental protection transformation projects: the project's flue gas desulfurization device was successfully started at one time. It is estimated that after the device is put into operation, the annual emission of sulfur dioxide will be reduced from 1912 tons before the transformation to 254.37 tons, and the annual reduction will be 1657.63 tons, with remarkable emission reduction effect

the total investment of the project is 83.9 million yuan. Limestone 1. Electronic universal material experimental machine is a large-scale precision experimental machine - gypsum wet desulfurization process, which aims to reduce the concentration of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide and particles in the flue gas of low-cost devices, and entrepreneurs only need to share a part of the cost. It is a supporting project of Maoming oil refining reconstruction and expansion project

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