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Manufacturing power must first be a power of quality and brand

manufacturing is the instrument and foundation of rejuvenating the country, which determines the international division of labor and position of a country in the global economic pattern. China is a large equipment manufacturing country with a complete industrial system and ranking among the top in the world in terms of total scale. However, due to insufficient innovation ability, low level of industrial structure, high resource consumption and low quality and efficiency, made in China has always been under the hat of being big but not strong

with the arrival of the development stage of building a modern economic system, a series of commodities, such as household appliances, engineering machinery, high-speed rail, ships, nuclear power, etc., are crossing the sea, changing the image of cheap and inferior made in China and beginning to win global users with reliable quality. This is also the preliminary result of the rapid development of advanced manufacturing industry since the implementation of "made in China 2025" in the past five years

this year's government work report mentioned that we should strengthen product quality supervision, comprehensively carry out quality improvement actions, promote the benchmarking with the international advanced level, carry forward the spirit of craftsmanship, and create a quality revolution made in China. From quantity to quality, it is the inevitable choice for people to improve their material living standards, and it is also an urgent need for China to participate in global competition. Manufacturing power must first be a power of quality and brand

how will this quality revolution be carried out

analysis of the operating income and profit of parent and subsidiary companies and consolidated statements during the reporting period. The minimum applied force problem that needs to be redoubled in the research and development of polymer thermal deformation testing enterprises is innovation. Innovation must further highlight the dominant position of enterprises. As stated in the government work report, enterprises should be encouraged to take the lead in implementing major scientific and technological projects, support scientific research institutions, universities and enterprises to integrate innovation, and speed up the transformation and application of innovative achievements. The content of innovation is market-oriented and demand-oriented, which is not only the innovation of technology and products, but also the all-round development and innovation of services, formats and modes. Only by adhering to such innovation can we realize the continuous transformation and upgrading of enterprises and help China become a transcendent and leader in the reform of global manufacturing industry

the basic support of quality revolution is standard. "Made in China 2025" aims to transform traditional industrial manufacturing into intelligence, which involves all links from design, production to service, and then produces a new production and quality standard system that needs to be matched. Standard design should refer to international advanced manufacturing standards, carry out international standard certification, and increase mutual recognition of standards. On the basis of establishing standards, we need to form a quality management pattern composed of enterprise autonomy, government supervision, industry self-discipline and social supervision, and improve the quality integrity, quality evaluation, quality supervision and other systems

the important goal of the quality revolution is to form a brand. We should build industry-leading international top brands, and then cultivate a number of world-class enterprises that can participate in international competition (1) compare the shrinkage deformation and destruction of low carbon steel and cast iron. Compared with the manufacturing powers in the world, one of the weaknesses of Chinese manufacturing is the lack of world-renowned brands and multinational enterprises. Brand is a symbol of product value, quality and reputation, and even a cultural symbol exported by a country. In the future, made in China must change from products to brands, which requires enterprises to consciously integrate value thinking and value creation into enterprise production, operation and management activities, strive for excellence, shape and enhance enterprise image, promote the internationalization process of brands, and accelerate the improvement of brand international operation ability

in order to truly turn "made in China" into "created in China" and "speed in China" into "quality in China", we must firmly grasp the opportunity of a new round of global scientific and technological revolution and industrial reform, vigorously promote the development of strategic emerging industries and advanced manufacturing industries, further enhance China's ability to participate in international economic competition, and win a more active position for China's economy in the world economic development pattern

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