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Manz Yazhi technology entered the semiconductor field

on December 19, 2017, Taoyuan, Taiwan - as a leading wet process equipment manufacturer in the market, Manz Yazhi technology announced its entry into the semiconductor field, providing various related production equipment solutions for panel level fan out packaging (foplp), helping semiconductor manufacturers increase production with significant cost advantages. Linjunsheng, general manager of Manz Yazhi technology and head of the display business department, said, "this is our joint venture talus Manufacturing Ltd. in cooperation with LAM research, a famous semiconductor equipment manufacturer After that, further measures to go deep into the semiconductor industry. This marks a milestone for Manz Yazhi technology to actively accelerate the expansion and penetration of its core technology applications into the semiconductor field. "

Figure 1: Manz's R & D and design team is technologically advanced, successfully transferring technology from the display and printed circuit board industry to the semiconductor rear stage packaging.

based on years of experience and process technology in flat panel display and printed circuit board wet process equipment, Manz Yazhi technology provides production equipment solutions such as chemical wet process, coating and laser application for panel level fan out packaging in the semiconductor industry, With Manz automatic integration system, it can meet the customized specification requirements of customers, help customers shorten the product development process, and establish exclusive process parameters, so that products can enter the product sample delivery and mass production as soon as possible

· chemical wet process equipment: carrier cleaning machine, photoresist developer, copper titanium etching machine and photoresist stripping machine

· coating equipment: adopt slit coating technology, which has been widely used in TFT-LCD and touch panel industries. The material utilization rate can reach more than 95%. With appropriate photoresist materials, the coating uniformity can reach less than 1.5%

· laser related equipment: Manz cooperates with many German laser sources and optical lens manufacturers to provide equipment including laser drilling, laser cutting and laser de bonding. Combined with the ability of system and process integration, it develops and manufactures for the special needs of customers

Figure 2: Manz's coating technology has been widely used in TFT-LCD and touch panel industries, and the coating uniformity can reach less than 1.5%

Figure 3: Manz's coating technology uniformity can reach less than 1.5%

in recent years, intelligence plays an important role in the growth of electronic terminal products, driving the transformation of the entire product supply chain, such as the introduction of fan-out packaging technology into intelligent application processors. So as to effectively solve the urgent social problem of recycling aluminum-plastic composite film, aluminum-plastic plate, plastic composite film, optical cable and other composite products. Traditionally, flip chip package on package is used for logic chip and memory chip stacking of processors. If fan-out packaging technology is used, because the underlying logic chip does not need to carry a board, the overall packaging can save more than 20% of the thickness, It conforms to the trend of intelligent thinness. According to the different process vehicles, fan out packaging can be divided into fan out wafer level packaging and fan out panel level packaging, which has been widely discussed recently. In consideration of accelerating the production cycle and reducing costs, fan out panel level packaging has significant cost and efficiency advantages (the utilization rate of wafer level packaging process area is 85% lower, and the utilization rate of panel process area is 95%), which has also begun to attract high attention from the market. Large packaging manufacturers such as Samsung Electronics, riyuemoon, Licheng technology and silicon products in South Korea have shifted from wafer level process to panel level packaging process in the direction of technological development

manz Yazhi technology has a strong development team. Over the years, it has been providing wet process processing solutions for 9390 panel level applications (such as the display and printed circuit board industry), and has accumulated a lot of successful experience in a variety of process functions and automation integration. In the production process of panel level fanout packaging, the plate warping area is a problem that almost all related equipment will face, and it is also related to the production capacity and process yield. Manz Yazhi technology provides wet processing equipment of conveyor type, and its unique pressing design of carrier plate warping area can ensure that the carrier plate remains flat in the transmission process and reduce the fragment rate. The precise flow and temperature control of chemicals can be achieved through the special nozzle configuration and spray pan swing mechanism. It can be combined with the real-time concentration monitoring system to add new chemical liquid, maintain the stability of the process and prolong the service life of chemicals, and reduce the consumption of chemicals at the same time, which not only ensures the high standard demand for uniformity in the process, but also achieves the comprehensive effect of reducing costs

Figure 4: Manz chemical wet process equipment has excellent tank design and air knife drying ability, which makes the process uniformity high

specific advantages of Manz production equipment solution:

· customized products: panel level fan-out packaging is a new demand in the industry, and there is no common standard for equipment specifications, such as panel size, process conditions, etc., Manz can provide the most suitable customized machine design according to customer needs

· automatic integration: it is equipped with a robot arm or an automatic lifting platform to transfer the panel into and out of the process tank to achieve a fully automatic production process

· in line system design: the conveyor belt transmission machine is matched with the process condition adjustment panel output, and the capacity output is better than other forms of batch machines

· patented mechanical pressing design: for panel level fanout packaging, Manz's unique carrier plate warping area pressing design overcomes the problem of carrier plate warping area caused by chip reconfiguration on the panel, and maintains the flatness of the panel during the transmission process, so as to achieve the best process results

linjunsheng, shell manager and head of display business department of silcotech, general manager of Manz Yazhi technology, combined with nine materials, said: "For decades, Manz Yazhi technology's production equipment solutions in the display industry have been deeply trusted by customers, and the actual sales performance of equipment has exceeded the total number of 3000 units in 2017, which proves our strength. The launch of production equipment solutions for panel level fan-out packaging marks Manz's official entry into the semiconductor manufacturing field. It is expected that in 2018, new gains will be made in this new field, helping customers with more optimized production efficiency and Effectively reduce production costs. "

manz group - passion makes high efficiency

manz group is an active global manufacturer of high-tech equipment. Its head office is located in roetlingen, Germany. It is a pioneer of innovative products in the high growth market. Manz company, established in 1987, specializes in five technical fields, including automation, testing and detection technology, laser process, chemical wet process, and roll to roll technology. These core technologies will be applied to the technical expansion of Manz in the three strategic fields of "electronic devices and components", "solar energy" and "energy storage", and will continue to develop in the future. Manz group was publicly listed in Germany in 2006, and has its own production sites in Germany, Slovakia, Hungary, Italy, Chinese Mainland and Taiwan. The business sales and service networks of Manz group are all over the world, including the United States and India. Driven by the company's declaration "passion makes efficiency", Manz promises to provide customers in various key industries with more efficient production system solutions in the future. As a world leading equipment manufacturer, Manz has made great contributions to reducing the production cost of end products for many of its customers around the world

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