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Introduction to the transformation of "made in the Pearl River Delta": calcium supplementation in the Pearl River Delta has been repeatedly mentioned recently. Calcium deficiency is not only a bone problem, but also a problem caused by incomplete growth. China's reform and opening up is one of the most important historical events in the world in the 20th century. It not only rewrites China's position in the world economy, but also affects the future development of the world economy

"calcium supplementation in the Pearl River Delta" has been repeatedly mentioned recently. Calcium deficiency is not only a bone problem, but also a problem caused by incomplete growth. China's reform and opening up is one of the most important historical events in the world in the 20th century. It not only rewrites China's position in the world economy, but also affects the future development direction of the world economy. We cannot talk about China's reform and opening up without talking about the Pearl River Delta, and "made in Shunde" is one of the brilliant chapters in the economic development of the Pearl River Delta. The Shunde economic work conference held in April, 2002 was a little special, and finding problems, comparing differences, and ringing the alarm became the theme. A former leader of Shunde City has analyzed the current problems in Shunde: first, the investment environment is not optimized enough, the investment cost is high, and the attraction to foreign capital is insufficient; Second, the existing industrial technology level is not high enough, lack of development momentum; Third, people's thinking is solidified, and they no longer have the arduous entrepreneurial passion that they had in those days

compared with the past and advanced regions, Shunde's industrial advantages, regional advantages and even institutional advantages are gradually weakening, its economic vitality is insufficient, and its development momentum is not strong; The gradient transition model of regional economics believes that the rise and fall of regional economy mainly depends on its industrial structure, which in turn depends on the development stage of regional economic departments, especially the leading specialized departments, in the industrial life cycle. If the leading specialized department of a region is in the innovation stage or development stage, it will bring high-speed economic growth of the region, and the region should be a high gradient region of economic development; On the contrary, if the leading specialized sector is in a recession cycle, it will inevitably lead to slow economic growth, which is a low gradient region

there is no doubt that Shunde is in a depression zone with a medium gradient. Due to the failure to adjust the industrial structure in time, the leading industry of household appliances in the region has become a traditional industry with low profits in the mature or declining stage, and the vitality of the economic structure is worrying. After the formation of advantageous industries, the problem before us is not whether to do it or not, but to make the limited resources more reasonable allocation. Repeated low-level construction in the same industry will inevitably lead to diminishing marginal returns. While the return on investment is diminishing, it must be supported by a diversified industrial structure. If the regional economy wants to maintain sustained growth, it has to constantly optimize and upgrade the regional industrial structure

French economist Francois? Peru put forward the concept of "growth pole" in the 1950s. Peru called the economic sector that plays a dominant and driving role in a certain period of time in the economic space the growth pole. It has strong innovation ability and growth ability, and promotes the growth of other industries through the multiplier expansion effect of external economy and inter industry linkages. At present, the consensus view in the industry is that Shunde is not good at rebuilding the regional economic growth pole. Almost paranoid self-confidence and conceit solidify the thinking of Shunde's capital owners, "one recruit fresh food, eat all over the sky", always spinning in the traditional household appliance industry, missing one opportunity after another for industrial restructuring. Shunde's five well-known Chinese trademarks are all household appliances, fortunately and unfortunately. Fortunately, home appliances are strong, unfortunately, other industries are weak, and the whole industrial structure is single. In the process of reform and opening up in Shunde, there was only quantitative change, not qualitative change

"calcium supplementation in the Pearl River Delta" to a large extent refers to those strong regions with manufacturing as the main industry and ahead of the reform and opening-up, such as Shunde. The rapid development of reform and opening-up makes the accumulation of manufacturing industry in these regions tend to be concentrated in the manufacturing of light industrial products, while heavy industry and other traditional manufacturing industries need a long period of accumulation and precipitation

with the huge upgrading of the manufacturing industry in the Pearl River Delta, the integration of Guangdong and Hong Kong brought about by the implementation of CEPA, the radiation of the manufacturing industry in the Pearl River Delta towards the surrounding provinces, and the implementation of "10+1" in China and ASEAN, the situation has not been improved after the good parts have replaced the suspicious parts of the dissolved activity rate meter, and the cascade transfer of the manufacturing industry to Vietnam and other countries, the manufacturing industry in the Pearl River Delta has made a breakthrough in the overall upgrading of the manufacturing industry level. When the right part of Figure 1 is the main part of the experimental machine East manufacturing industry, we have to face up to such a reality: on the whole, the level of Guangdong's manufacturing industry is relatively low, the international competitiveness is not strong, and the industrial chain is generally at the low end of the international division of labor. "Calcium deficiency" makes it difficult for Guangdong's manufacturing industry to stand tall in the face of fierce international competition. Guangdong must "upgrade" the existing manufacturing industry. Although the machines in the Greater Pearl River Delta roared all night, Professor songtianhu, vice president and Secretary General of the China Society of mechanical engineering, was still thinking: should China become a global processing workshop as expected by foreigners, or should it develop into a real manufacturing power? "As soon as there is a traffic jam in the Pearl River Delta, the world will run out of goods". In the unprecedented prosperity, more than 200000 manufacturing enterprises in the Greater Pearl River Delta have to face some embarrassments: the machinery and equipment manufacturing industry is the mother of all manufacturing industries, and the lag of Guangdong's equipment industry caused by historical reasons is a lingering cloud over the manufacturing forces. Only by changing the game rules of the mechanical equipment industry with a series of innovative measures can we promote the transformation of the Pearl River Delta from a world-class large manufacturing region to a world-class strong manufacturing region. During the period of the Republic of China, Xue Guangsen, a Shunde native, was recognized by the industry as "the leader of transportation in Guangdong and the first model of Lingnan machine shafts". In fact, precision machining and manufacturing is the core competitiveness of the whole manufacturing industry

"in the final analysis, the competitiveness of a region is determined by industrial factors. Industrial competitiveness is mainly reflected in industrial manufacturing, and the level of industrial manufacturing depends on the equipment industry. The equipment industry is the support and foundation of the whole industry. Only by vigorously developing the equipment industry can more and more 'made in Guangdong' compete positively in domestic and international markets."

Guangdong's measures for the development of the machinery industry are to take industrial upgrading as the goal, develop from the current processing industry to the equipment industry, and focus on the development of the electrical and electrical pillar industry and the automotive industry with great development potential. The equipment industry can provide modern equipment for various industries. The development of equipment industry is conducive to improving the technical level and labor productivity of all sectors of the national economy, so as to improve national competitiveness. It is in this context that the upgrading of Guangdong's manufacturing industry has become inevitable

the Pearl River Delta is now a post industrial era. According to the law of economic development, industrial upgrading cannot be carried out without the development process and stage of technology and capital intensive enterprises. From the perspective of foreign countries, the industrial upgrading of the United States and Britain is endogenous, while Japan and South Korea absorb foreign mature advanced technology and realize their own industrial upgrading after digestion. One of the most important problems faced by the Pearl River Delta is to make up for the lack of transformation to technology intensive and capital intensive industries in the process of industrialization

A Research Report of the research and development center of the State Council pointed out that China is facing industrial restructuring, and the development of traditional consumer goods industry will be subject to more and more market constraints. We need to speed up technological innovation to improve the grade of products and increase varieties in order to achieve development. Part of the resources of consumer goods manufacturing industry are transferred from the final production of consumer goods to the middle and upper reaches of parts production, material industry and so on. At the same time, the technological transformation and upgrading of the consumer goods manufacturing industry has greatly increased the investment in equipment, forming a huge demand for the equipment industry, and promoting the development of the equipment industry and the new generation of consumer goods industry

Shunde manufacturing industry is also experiencing the impact of the market and the resulting changes in this vein. Shunde's household appliance manufacturing industry is facing the throes of changes, and electromechanical equipment manufacturing enterprises are seizing the opportunity to provide the market with electromechanical equipment needed to adapt to the new round of development, such as large-scale precision injection molding machines, large-scale pressure machinery, new air compressors, etc., which are essential mechanical equipment for large-scale and high-grade consumer goods (including household appliances) manufacturing enterprises

this industry has one characteristic: its investment is large and the effect is slow. A new technology equipment may take years to mature; But its return period is also long. Once it is put into production, it can be produced for a long time. The "window of time" was once an industry gap that Shunde and even the Pearl River Delta manufacturing industry, which was both light and fast at the beginning of the reform plan, could not make up. Now, the transformation to the manufacturing industry of high-precision technology, which requires more time to accumulate, can prevent Shunde manufacturing from being abandoned in any wave of manufacturing transformation

"platform" Chencun

every day, countless vehicles carry flowers, the main product of Chencun Town, Shunde District, Foshan, to different demand markets across the country and even around the world. Like many wealthy towns in the Pearl River Delta, Chencun alone can achieve the goal of national prosperity by taking the lead in its main business. Chen village is a famous hometown of flowers and plants, and its main flower products are not novel. Another kind of Pearl River Delta region, such as Nanhai, does not have much aluminum mineral resources, but the trading volume of aluminum products (including aluminum ingots and aluminum profiles) accounts for more than 1/3 of the country. Chencun Town, located in the center of the Pearl River Delta, is starting something similar to the Nanhai trading platform, that is, to build a trading center and price gauge for the national equipment and machinery industry. Chen Village and even the whole Pearl River Delta are not good at machine tool production. It can even be said that Guangdong is relatively weak or backward in the manufacturing of mechanical equipment. However, this backwardness caused by the accumulation of historical factors, which accounts for 18% of the market share, is contributing to the goal of Chen village. Backwardness needs to be changed. At the same time, there is a demand market for equipment and machinery industry that is more than 20billion yuan per year and increasing at a rate of 10% in the whole Pearl River Delta. Yang Xuetong, Deputy Secretary General of the China Machinery Industry Federation, said frankly that China's machinery industry manufacturing is mainly concentrated in the northeast and even northwest provinces, but the entire Pearl River Delta is facing the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing, and equipment machinery is the first step in this upgrading of manufacturing. Strong market demand has gradually promoted this industry in the Pearl River Delta

up to now, the domestic machine tool industry, which has adhered to the sales mode of branch company system and commission sales system for many years, is being strongly impacted by the current professional machine tool market, and is expected to change into the direct sales mode of machine tool manufacturing enterprises directly facing users through the professional market of mechanical equipment. The opening ceremony of "Shunlian International Machinery City and the first China (Chencun) machine tool Expo" will make the transaction of equipment machinery in the whole South China and even the whole country more rapid and transparent. Behind transparency is a lower cost transaction

in fact, the research data from the authoritative department of the machinery industry shows that the demand for machine tools by domestic enterprises is more than 40billion yuan every year. In the manufacturing areas on both sides of the Pearl River in the Pearl River Delta, the annual demand is as high as 20billion yuan, and the annual growth rate is 10%. This growth is mainly from Zhujiang East, which is dominated by Taiwan and Hong Kong enterprises

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