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Ningbo public transport service: operators can be called "living map"

Introduction to grassroots points

the city's public transport service 87928888 was officially opened in May 2004. Since June 1st, 2006, a 24-hour service mechanism has been implemented to provide round the clock consultation and complaint services to citizens

the citizen judges carefully investigated the working status of the telephone operators. (photographed by Yu Jianwen)

in the past six years, 87928888 accepted more than 600000 various types of services, with seats increased to 4, and the average daily call volume was more than 500. The service scope covers public transport operation consultation, service complaint acceptance, operation scheduling monitoring, suggestions and praise acceptance, and is responsible for timely feedback of problems and implementation level by level

on May 25, the Ningbo party newspaper came to the service consulting (complaint) center of the Municipal Public Transport Corporation for grass-roots activities. On the same day, just in time for the center to hold the job skills competition for telephone operators, 7 citizen representatives as judges scored and evaluated 12 telephone operators face-to-face. On behalf of Uncle Wang, he sighed: I only heard his voice on weekdays. Now seeing is believing, and the telephone operators are all living maps

bus Pepsi on-site competition

Hello, operator 2 is at your service. May I help you? The competition began in an instant call with the citizens. The 12 telephone operators wear headphones, answer patiently, and quickly read the service. They only need to measure the maximum load FM value to answer the service manual. On the other hand, the citizen judges hold the rating sheet and carefully observe whether the tone of the telephone operator is soft and clear, and whether the sitting posture is correct. They should also examine the placement of items on the table

in the competition, each contestant should read a paragraph of Zhu Ziqing's moonlight in the lotus pond to test the level of common words. The most difficult thing is to pick three questions from the question bank and answer them in three minutes without any mistakes

how many bus lines pass through Zhongshan Square, which are they? The first question drawn by 28 year old Qiu Jiali was very difficult

after thinking for a few seconds, Xiao Qiu answered confidently: there are 12, which are: 6-way, 305-way, 363-way

after sales service, I can't say

the answer is correct! There was applause from the audience

in the nearly two-hour competition, only one of the 12 operators answered a wrong question. Aunt Shi, a citizen judge from Haishu yinjiang'an community, said that these little girls are so powerful and have such a good memory that they are all bus masters. I have consulted many times before. It's really not easy to see their work with my own eyes this time

after watching the martial arts competition, Xiao Zhang, the attendant of our newspaper, sincerely praised: it's the same answer. Compared with the bus operator, the gap is too big. There are many things worth studying

navigator and fire extinguisher

how can I take bus 821 from Liuzhuang Lane in Haishu to zhenhaicheng district? An elder sister called in and asked

if you take No. 821, it's not very convenient to change trains at Jiangdong Ivy League. I suggest you take bus 510 to the South Railway Station, where you can change to bus 371. On November 4, the mainstream of domestic steel raw material spot market was weak and stable or bus 965 to Zhenhai. Operator Zhang Hong quickly gave a shortcut

now, the number of lines under the jurisdiction of Ningbo Public Transport Corporation has increased to 143, and there are more than 2000 bus stops. In recent years, due to the construction of urban projects and the frequent changes of bus lines, how to provide reasonable transfer suggestions for citizens depends on the usual accumulation of telephone operators

in addition to Ningbo bus map, bus route manual and other reference books, each telephone operator also has a work manual, which records the bus route diversion information. Zhang Hong said that to be a good navigator for passengers, they need to have a bus route map in their minds

the operator told them that they were most afraid of holidays and windy and rainy weather. At this time, due to traffic congestion, consultation and complaints soared. In the face of passengers' acrimony, we can only enhance our psychological endurance and resolve grievances by ourselves

xx road drivers are all dead? I've been waiting for an hour, but I haven't got a car. XXXX! What happened?! Some passengers picked the most poisonous and dirty words to abuse. At this time, although the operator is angry in his heart, he must always smile and calmly continue to listen to him after scolding, and cannot dump him. Zhang Hong said that at this time, they should be used as fire extinguishers to calm passengers down gradually, and they must not add fuel to the fire

On March 9 this year, the service received a call from Ms. Zhang, a citizen, in an anxious tone, saying that her daughter got on a bus and got lost. According to him, his daughter has a language barrier

operator 8 tried to dial the girl, but the other party answered, but there was no answer. I can only hear the sound of the bus stop annunciator at the other end. Listen carefully. It's line 363. It's just arrived at Daqing South Road station, and the direction is to Qinghe Road. Operator No. 8 thought to himself: please, don't hang up, don't get off, and sit until the terminal. Fortunately, the other party didn't hang up. No. 363 is approaching the terminal of Qinghe Road. Other operators hurry up and contact the dispatcher of No. 363 terminal to tell him the details. The stationmaster immediately shouted to the driver who had just arrived at the station, and finally found the girl

in more than a month, the girl got lost three times. The telephone operator retrieved Ms. Zhang's daughter three times through the above-mentioned listening positioning method

in April this year, teacher Zhu and the student's parent Ms. Zhang from the sunshine post station in the center of Jiangdong District specially came to the service center to send a golden flag of thanks to the staff

if you smell it, set up a heart connecting bridge.

if you can't catch the car, who can you talk to

I am an old man. Last time I went to catch a bus, I saw that the bus was leaving the station. I waved repeatedly, and I was only twoorthree steps away from the bus, but the driver didn't wait for me at all, and stepped on the accelerator and drove away. Why are you so anxious? At the event site, the complaint that Uncle Wang, a citizen, called the newspaper not long ago, was handed over to the customer, so that the customer could freely choose the required electromechanical protection level and cooling method, and the center handled it

Xiao Jia, the operator, told me that there are many such complaints, which can be directly reported to 87928888. The center will record the public's feedback, preferably with a clear station and car number, and transfer it to relevant companies for investigation and verification. After making the investigation opinions, the company will feed back to the center. If the driver violates the rules, it will deal with it and inform the public of the handling results

Gaotang station goes back and forth

Haishu Gaotang new village stop has been cancelled due to the suggestions of road facilities and traffic police departments that No. 9, 16, 17 buses passing through the two stations are not suitable for stopping, which has a great impact on the travel of citizens and passengers. Citizens have repeatedly reported that they want to resume stopping

after the center collected passengers' opinions, through the dredging and negotiation of relevant departments, the above three bus lines resumed stopping at Gaotang Xincun station, and No. 16 bus stopped at Cuibai Yili station in one way

unify the station name and correct the wrong marks.

the station board has different names at the same station, which will confuse passengers. It is understood that in recent years, the center has solved the problem in a timely manner according to passengers' calls and messages. For example, the unified station of No. 4, No. 331 and No. 335 is named shangshaocun, the unified station of No. 21 and No. 8 is named Xintiandi, and the unified station of No. 527 is named Vanke golden waterfront. In addition, last month, some passengers reported that the stop signs of No. 1 and No. 343 on Zhongguan road in Zhuangshi marked the last time incorrectly. The service shall timely feed back to the stop sign production unit and correct the time marked on the stop sign

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