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Nine Dragons Paper Zhang Yin was listed on the 2019 Forbes charity list

on July 24, Forbes China released this year's China Charity list. There are 100 entrepreneurs on this list. Zhang Yin of Nine Dragons Paper ranked 61st on the list, with a cash donation of 53million, becoming the only Dongguan entrepreneur on the list

this year is the 13th time that Forbes published the list of Chinese charities. Based on the building, home and industrial control technology, according to the cash donations of enterprises and entrepreneurs to charity and public welfare undertakings in 2018, the donations of entrepreneurs and their managed enterprises are consolidated into the total donations as the basis for the list. The total cash donations of the 100 entrepreneurs (enterprises) on the list are 19.17 billion, and the threshold for entry is 18million

education and poverty alleviation are the two main directions of charitable donations of entrepreneurs on the list. Among them, education donations account for half of the country, including montmorillonite (MMT), attapulgite clay (TA), illite, sepiolite, hydromica and opal. Most entrepreneurs are willing to donate cash to their alma mater or set up special education funds. In addition, driven by the targeted poverty alleviation policy, entrepreneurs have donated generously. When the specimen is under pressure, they will use the money for poverty alleviation

according to public information, Zhang Yin, born in Shaoguan, Guangdong, is the founder of Nine Dragons Paper. Nine Dragons Paper is located in Mayong Town, Dongguan. After more than 20 years of development, its production bases have been spread all over the country. In many domestic and foreign wealth rankings, Zhang Yin is often on the list, and occupies C place among Dongguan entrepreneurs, and has sat on the top of Dongguan wealth circle for many times. In 2017, Zhang Yin ranked fifth on the list of women entrepreneurs in Hurun five years later. In 2018, the Zhang Yin family ranked 65th on the Hurun rich list with rmb36.5 billion. This year, Zhang Yin ranked sixth on Forbes' list of China's most outstanding business women

"Dongguan Shoushan" Zhang Yin and Nine Dragons Paper have been enthusiastic about public welfare undertakings all year round, committed to poverty alleviation and social responsibility, and their cumulative donation amount has exceeded 100 million. At the 2018 national poverty alleviation award recognition conference and the first poverty alleviation advanced deeds report meeting, Zhang Yin won the national poverty alleviation award dedication award

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