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Ningbo exposed major fire hazards yesterday, and Runbo building materials was investigated. The workshop was originally the place of production, but some companies turned the workshop into a multi-functional place, including the dormitory of employees. These companies will stay on the desk of the fire department. The reason is that the fire spot check of the plant after use is unqualified

after the Ministry of public security held a video conference on the "five major" activities of deepening fire safety nationwide to carry out the campaign of "eliminating fire disasters" on September 26, Ningbo municipal government established the city's "eliminating fire disasters" campaign headquarters, which is composed of heads of member units of the public security, fire protection, supervision, safety supervision and other fire safety committees, to comprehensively carry out the centralized rectification action of "eliminating fire disasters"

this action will last until February next year, and the main targets are shopping malls, markets, hotels, restaurants, public entertainment places and other densely populated places, as well as high-rise and underground buildings; Small units and "three in one" places in communities and villages; Other areas and industries that affect local public fire safety

there are still "three in one" phenomena in some factories

on November 5, when the inspectors inspected Ningbo Runbo building materials coating Co., Ltd. at No. 37, Huangsu East Road, Dongqianhu tourist resort, Ningbo, they found that the unit car should not only be fundamentally modified from the plastic granulator process, but the first to third floors are 3, non self-locking production workshops, while the second, fourth and fifth floors have become more than 50 employee dormitories, There are more than 100 employees living inside E) connect the switching power supply. It is a typical "three in one" factory that has aroused great enthusiasm of investors

in addition, there is only one evacuation staircase in the workshop and dormitory, resulting in a serious shortage of evacuation routes and emergency exits. In case of a fire in the workshop, employees in the dormitory will not be able to escape in time, which is easy to cause casualties

after finding the situation, the fire brigade immediately temporarily sealed up the second, fourth and fifth floors of the plant, and investigated and dealt with the case at the same time

coincidentally, in Ningbo hi tech Zone harmony sound Co., Ltd., the inspectors also found that the factory turned the second and third floors of the plant into staff dormitories, and did not set up independent evacuation stairs, which is also a typical "three in one" place, in violation of the provisions of paragraph 2 of article 19 of the fire protection law of the people's Republic of China. At present, the plant has been ordered by the fire department to stop production and business

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