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Nine Dragons rose another 100 in the fifth round, and the cumulative increase of base paper was 400 yuan/ton

release date: Source: Carton check Zhejiang Dongjing technology

rise again/ton! The price of Nine Dragons' fifth round of wrapping paper has risen

packaging paper price rise/ton in the four major bases of Nine Dragons Paper Industry

carton inspection news: on June 23, Nine Dragons Paper Industry Bases in Chongqing, Taicang, Shenyang and Quanzhou simultaneously issued a notice of price rise, announcing that the price of base paper increased by/ton, which will be implemented on June 29

base paper quotation of Nine Dragons Paper Industry's five bases

corrugated paper Market: the corrugated paper market is stable and wait-and-see operation, and the new order transaction is general. The price of large-scale paper mills is temporarily stable, the inventory of paper mills is at a low level, and the willingness to support prices is still strong. Most of the raw material waste paper market operates stably, and the cost side is still supported. The demand of downstream paperboard factories has not improved significantly, and the willingness to receive goods is not good, so the overall tile paper price change space is limited

carton board Market: the general trend of carton board market has remained stable, and the prices of individual paper mills have increased by 100/ton. The large-scale paper mill released a new round of price adjustment plan, and the price of box board increased by 100/ton. The price of raw waste paper is mostly stable. Due to the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, the enthusiasm of the packaging station for shipping has increased. There is still no downstream order. At most, the purity of aluminum in copper aluminum transition terminals of various brands called yield point or physical yield strength used in the market can only reach 99.5% (Note: generally, the purity of electrical aluminum is above 99.7%), which is significantly improved. Therefore, the price of carton board paper is stable, medium and strong

national waste Market: the factory price of national waste yellow paperboard is mostly stable. As the Dragon Boat Festival is approaching, a few paper mills have issued a notice of suspension on the day of the Dragon Boat Festival, which may further stimulate the packaging station to ship. It is expected that most of the factory prices of national waste yellow paperboard will be stable tomorrow

prediction: the large-scale paper factory has released a new round of rising plan for corrugated paper, and the corrugated paper price has temporarily stabilized. However, recently, the overall delivery of goods in the market has slowed down, and the downstream willingness to receive goods is general. It is expected that the general trend of the short-term corrugated and box board market will remain stable, and some will be adjusted in a narrow range according to their own conditions

it is expected that there will be a collective rally of cardboard factories next week, with an increase of 5%-8%

after nine dragons' fourth price rise, most people are cautious about the future market. However, recently, many paper mills have reported that inventory has been cleared, and there may be frequent applause in the later stage. The purchase of waste paper is strict, making it the first PPC in the world. The insufficient weight of film products leads to the shutdown of some paper mills and other paper production news...

with the continuous increase of terminal demand, In the future, the base paper still has room to rise, and the cost faced by the paperboard factory also increases. According to the increase of base paper this round: it is expected that the paperboard factory will collectively shout up next week, with an increase of 5%-8%

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