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Ningbo coating industry association expresses its condolences to Mr. Bao Shujun, an old expert. Bao shuqun, an old expert, is so old that he is eight out of eighty this year. He is one of the second batch of 18 senior engineers in China's paint industry and once served as the chief engineer of Ningbo paint factory. It can solve the problem of high-tech waste utilization while dealing with the environmental problems of rainwater runoff. There is a part-time honorary president of the municipal Esperanto Association. After retirement, he devoted himself to the promotion of Esperanto, also concerned about the development of the coating industry, and participated in many meetings. Ten years ago, he fought against cancer to implement the industrial development plan. The first development project he implemented was whether it was non-linear and at what level. Based on the success of surgery, he has been able to take action, which is commendable. After the establishment of the municipal Painting Association, the relevant personnel of the association expressed condolences to him several times a year and invited him to participate in activities within their capabilities. On the afternoon of December 22 this year, the Secretary General of the association brought his condolences to visit Mr. Bao again. It's very gratifying to see that Bao Lao is in a good mental state and able to act. The Secretary General of the association wishes Bao Lao to pay attention to protection and cultivate the year of heaven

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